Sustainability Project

Milano Unica's commitment to sustainability in the textile apparel sector

Over time, the Sustainability Project has attracted increasing attention from its interlocutors, who recognize that the project plays an important role of information and motivation for the entire sector. This path continues to evolve significantly, with the objective of keeping attention levels high on sustainability.


The Project was launched in October 2017 with the presentation of the Save the Planet theme for the Tendenze SS 2019: a vision for a future of innovation and responsibility which further developed in the following Milano Unica edition with the presentation of a selection of fabrics and accessories produced with sustainable materials and processes.


In the July 2018 edition, Milano Unica presented the project again, recording increased interest and participation from exhibitors. In fact, the Area dedicated to Sustainability almost tripled, with 123 companies presenting over 750 samples of fabrics and accessories.  

A Catalogue was designed specifically for the Area, including information and details regarding the producers and the samples presented.

With the 28th edition of Milano Unica (February 5-7, 2019) the Sustainability Project grows further and significantly evolves compared to the past editions, launching a new approach that puts production processes at the center and, consequently, the critical role of the industry as the real driver in the pursuit of sustainable innovation.


29^ edition of Milano Unica (July 9-11, 2019)

The Sustainability Project has reached its fourth edition and has changed its approach to reflect the changes occurring in industrial processes and, especially, the growing attention to proposals that stand out for their trendy and avant garde style.

For the first time, the Sustainability Project displays samples divided according to their creative and stylistic content: the “FancyGreens”  featuring greater creative content, and the “EverGreens” display a more classic and continuous style.


The Sustainability Catalogue of the 29th edition of Milano Unica (July 2019) is available for download here