The Sustainability Project of the 33rd edition of Milano Unica

Tendenze and Sustainability: a necessary pairing

Along with the presentation of the exhibitors’ proposals inspired by the Tendenze A/W 2022-23, Milano Unica again incorporates the most advanced production in terms of Sustainability. The Tendenze and Sustainability Area thus offers an itinerary in which the esthetic and creative features of the textiles and accessories are intrinsically tied to a production approach based on respect for the environment.


For some time now, this approach is no longer limited to the selection of natural raw materials, either low impact or recycled, but also includes production processes and management systems, testifying to the increasing number of companies adopting a systemic view.


Milano Unica created the Sustainability project precisely to promote and valorize companies following this type of path and, above all, to demonstrate concretely that sustainability values are no longer to be considered apart from those of creativity and style, but one and the same. A vision ahead of its time, which has proven prophetic, seeing the direction in which the fashion industry and market demands are moving.


Environmental awareness is no longer just an ethical issue, but has become a real amplification factor for creativity and innovation: while it poses challenges and sets limits, it also inspires research, stimulates technological innovation and promotes creative thinking and originality.


The total number of samples and accessories compliant with the criteria defined by the Technical Committee for Sustainability of Milano Unica is 1,500,  presented by 156 exhibitors.

More information is available in the Hall’s Guide.