Tendenze Milano Unica

The heart of Milano Unica are the "Tendenze", the trends, whose themes and moods change every edition with unique suggestions and combinations

Milano Unica "Tendenze" have always been one of the main creative elements and a stimulus for all exhibitors and fashion professionals. 


Each season, the Milano Unica’s Style Committee attentively and masterfully interprets the evolution of contemporary culture and proposes new and evocative theme-based itineraries that combine fashion trends to inspirations from the arts, cinema, music and traditions from the world over. 


MU Tendenze Fall/Winter 2022-23: "Magnifiche Passioni"


The events presenting the Tendenze have therefore become an essential appointment to come in contact with new imaginaries and combinations, able to inspire the new collections. 

Every event is accompanied by a Trend Book: this is a complete guide anticipating the trends of the upcoming season with the corresponding aesthetics, materials and colors stemming from the presented themes.  


Discover the Fall/Winter 2022-23 Trends

Discover all the themes of the Tendenze for the past and current seasons 

The Area “Tendenze” at the trade show: all editions.   

Tendenze Milano Unica

The F/W 2022-23 Tendenze are online

Discover Milano Unica’s Tendenze theme: “Magnifiche Passioni”

Tendenze Milano Unica

Milano Unica Tendenze Fall/Winter 22-23: Save the date

Thursday, April 15, h 10.00 a.m.

Tendenze Milano Unica

Milano Unica Re-Touch

The digital event for the S/S 2022 Tendenze

Tendenze Milano Unica

Milano Unica S/S 2022 Tendenze: Save the date

Thursday, November 19, 2020 from 10.00 o’clock

Tendenze Milano Unica

Tendenze and Sustainability converge

The 31st Edition of Milano Unica underscores the fundamental bond between creativity and environmental commitment

Tendenze Milano Unica

Milano Unica A/W 2021-22 Tendenze: a new digital project

The presentation event turns into a dedicated website rich with suggestions and in-depth analyses

Tendenze Milano Unica

Milano Unica S/S 2021 Tendenze

The Storytelling

Tendenze Milano Unica

MU Tendenze S/S 2021

Can creativity be sustainable?

Tendenze Milano Unica

Milano Unica Tendenze F/W 2020-21: the story

An audacious fusion of sustainability and eroticism

Tendenze Milano Unica

Tendenze SS 2020: the storytelling of the event

The presentation dedicated to the Music Menu theme

Tendenze Milano Unica

Music and food in Milano Unica Tendenze 

S/S 2020 suggestions

Tendenze Milano Unica

Tendenze Spring / Summer 2020

Save the date