The Sustainability Project of the 29th Edition of Milano Unica

Focus on “FancyGreen” and “EverGreen”


 The availability of new technologies for sustainability must be the driver to overcome prejudices and diffidence towards sustainable materials and processes, still common in the community of professionals and influencers  and in companies. These are the prejudices of those who believe that sustainability is incompatible with the most creative and innovative products and is only suitable for basic fabrics and accessories with little stylistic or creative content.


 The need to overcome these prejudices has given rise to the central theme of this edition of the Milano Unica Sustainability Project. Participating exhibitors have been invited to select fabrics and accessories produced with sustainable materials and technologies and with greater creative and stylistic content than in the past.

It’s a challenge. For the first time, the Sustainability Project displays samples divided according to their creative and stylistic content: the “FancyGreens”  featuring greater creative content, and the “EverGreens” display a more classic and continuous style.


The area reserved for the Sustainability Project of the 29th edition of Milano Unica includes 150 companies presenting over 1,000 samples of fabrics and accessories. All the processes and products of participating companies comply with the criteria established by the Milano Unica Technical Commission.


 The different sustainability performances of the samples and companies are represented by icons, divided according to the classification of product sustainability or process sustainability, to facilitate visitors’ understanding in the exhibition area.

The visibility of each company is increased by the display of one or more samples of representative fabrics and/or accessories, accompanied by a label that identifies the product’s most salient characteristics.


To download your digital copy of the Catalogue of the Sustainability Projectclick here.