The project targeting sustainability and the creative concepts for the 37th edition

Back in 2018, Milano Unica launched the first project dedicated to sustainability, under the slogan “Save the Planet”, featuring a selection of 250 sustainable samples from 53 exhibitor companies. The following year, on the occasion of the Tendenze S/S 2021 event, those in attendance were asked to answer an important question: can creativity be sustainable? The result was a resounding ‘yes’, contradicting the old saw that associated sustainability with evergreen products, classic but less creative.


The characteristics of sustainability, which at the time seemed virtuous examples of an exceptional nature, have multiplied over the course of the editions, reaching 1,171 products, including textiles and accessories from 166 companies, for the February 2023 edition. This is a clear sign that the commitment of the textiles and accessories industry to environmental protection and health has evolved to keep pace with cultural trends and consumer awareness. In today’s world, circular production, sustainable and socially just, is an important competitive advantage, a source of value for all the players in the chain and a guiding principle of the European legislation being drawn up.


With the 37th edition of Milano Unica, the Sustainable Creativity project will take an important step forward, adopting a new, concrete approach: all the creative concepts for the upcoming 2024-2025 Fall/Winter season will be interpreted exclusively on sustainable samples, reflecting the growing, decisive and permanent commitment of the textile and apparel industry.


In addition, to make it easier for buyers to orient themselves among the plethora of sustainable offerings in the Milano Unica parterre, the products on display in the area will be labeled according to their sustainability value areas:

  • Climate Action
  • Chemical Safety
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Circular Economy 
  • Social Justice

In the coming weeks, a series of 5 articles will explain the value areas and the relative sustainability performances.


Come and discover the many sustainable offerings proposed by our exhibitors in the Sustainable Creativity area of the upcoming edition of the trade fair of textiles and accessories and take note of the dates for Milano Unica 2023: July 11,12,13.