The Sustainability Project of the 36th edition of Milano Unica

Sustainable commitment continues to grow

Once again for its 36th edition, Milano Unica has involved its exhibitors in a project dedicated to sustainability, to highlight the companies that best represent the top of the range in the textile and accessories sector, following production with a low environmental and social impact.


The principles of sustainable development are perfectly integrated in the well-established combination of fashion aesthetics and production excellence, creating quality textiles and accessories while respecting our planet. From this synergy that propels the industry's transition, the Tendenze & Sostenibilità project was born in 2018: a focus on the samples that most creatively interpret the season's trends and that are the result of a transparent and responsible supply chain.


In selecting sustainable products, the Milano Unica Sustainability Technical Committee takes a wide-ranging look at the constant evolutions and innovations of the sector, considering the sustainable commitment that companies can implement at every stage of production. The search for non-virgin materials to preserve our planet's resources, clean manufacturing processes, technologies that do not waste energy, responsible waste management systems and companies that cooperate in an ethical and transparent supply chain - these are all essential elements for creating sustainable products and meeting the demands of a changing market and increasingly informed and conscious consumers.


For this edition, 1,171 sustainable samples from 166 companies were exhibited in the Tendenze & Sostenibilità Area - a positive result and indicative of substantial growth compared to the first edition of the project.


In 10 editions, the number of companies presenting sustainable products has increased by 186%, reflecting the advancement in the transition of the sector and the growing interest in and commitment to the environment.

The road to sustainable textiles is still long and difficult and Milano Unica wants to shine a spotlight on all the innovations and virtuous achievements of its exhibiting companies.

More information and data on the Tendenze & Sostenibilità Area can be found in the Hall’s Guide.