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Privacy Policy


Your privacy is an important value to us.
Through this document S.I.TEX S.p.A. intends to inform you about how we will safeguard your right to privacy and personal data protection, how and why we process your personal data, your rights and how you can exercise them.


The web site
The web site is owned by S.I.TEX S.p.A. (also the “Data Controller”) with registered offices in Milan, Via Alberto Riva Villasanta 3, 20145 Milan, Italy. 


Navigation data - IT systems and software procedures designed for the operation of this web site acquire over time user personal data, whose transfer is embedded in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information, by its very own nature, enables User identification through data processing and cross-linking with data held by third parties. This category of data includes IP addresses and domain names of the computers used by the users connecting to the web site, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses to locate and access resources on a network, the time and the query method used, the size of the file received, the numerical code indicating the status of the response provided by the server (e.g.: OK, error, etc.) and other parameters concerning the user’s operating system and computer environment. This data is processed for the time strictly necessary only for the purpose of obtaining anonymous statistics on the use of the web site and tracking proper operation. Data could be used to assess liability in the event of hypothetical cyber crimes against the web site.


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Privacy Policy


Pursuant to EU Regulation 679/2016 on data protection - the so-called “GDPR”-, S.I.TEX S.p.A., with registered offices in Milan, Via Alberto Riva Villasanta 3,  in its capacity as Data Controller, hereby informs the Data Subject that personal data processing by S.I.TEX S.p.A. is based on the principles of minimization, correctness, legality, transparency, integrity and confidentiality and, in any case, in compliance with the applicable regulations in the matter of data protection.


1. Purpose of data processing.
Your data, acquired through this web site or on other occasions, shall be processed for the following purposes:


1.1. Manage access to events -  We will process your personal data, also through the use of specific App, to issue cards, badges and invitations to enable access to the trade show (both as visitor and exhibitor) and possible printouts of duplicates at the reception desk of the trade show; to e-mail information about the trade show (e.g.: shuttle bus services and alternative means of transportation), correlated events and any other services organized during the trade show; and, last but not least, to process anonymous statistics for internal use only.


1.2 Manage organizational and logistics needs - We will process your personal data also for organizational and logistics needs in correlation with the trade show or any event through the e-contact service, the use of which requires your explicit consent.


1.3. Forwarding of our service communications and press releases - If you have subscribed to our newsletter, or if you logged in on our website, or if you have left your e-mail address during one of our events, or if your e-mail address was provided to us by one of your colleagues (or by an exhibitor or other subjects) or any other subject, we will process your personal data to send you our service communications and/or press releases in order to keep you updated in relation to our initiatives and upcoming events. 

You will always have the right to erase your address from our mailing list by simply notifying us about your decision to do so.


1.4. Transfer your data to third parties - Many of our exhibitors are interested in establishing contacts with visitors attending the events we organize or with other parties for further initiatives. 

In addition, we sometimes organize initiatives in partnership with other entities involved in promoting business relations by connecting exhibitors and visitors to trade shows.

Both as visitor or exhibitor, we may ask you for your consent to disclose your personal and business data to other subjects. We upload your data to a special IT platform to further transfer it to the exhibitors who have made a request so that they can contact you as a customer/buyer visiting the trade show, or to other third parties, such as the Italian Trade Agency ICE (website: https://www. ice.it, privacy info: https://www.ice.it/it/privacy) for promotional purposes (including the dissemination for business matchmaking activities).


1.5. Promotional and advertising purposes - On the occasion of the events organized by S.I.TEX S.p.A., pictures may be taken and audio and video recordings may be shot for promotional and advertising purposes. These may subsequently be published in printed media (dailies, magazines, catalogues and similar media) or broadcast via radio, television, social media or, in general, in the web. Also in this case, your personal data shall be protected and these circumstances shall be notified by means of specific signs and indications in order to allow you to easily avoid these situations, should you not wish to be photographed or filmed.


1.6 Commercial communications (direct marketing) – Only subject to your explicit consent, your personal data may be processed by S.I.TEX. SpA to contact you exclusively through automated means (email, text messages and similar, auto attendant calls, social media) to forward advertising material, to complete market research analyses or surveys and provide promotional and/or commercial communications or information.


1.7 Profiling based on lifestyle data and consumption habits – Only subject to your explicit consent, your personal data may be processed in order to enable S.I.TEX SpA to analyze, through specific database and software programs, habits, preferences, choices and also to define individual or group commercial profiles for the ultimate goal of providing a better targeted offer and/or services. 


1.8. Facilitating interactions and the development of commercial relations between exhibitors and buyers 
At your explicit request, we will provide your company and contact details to exhibitors through the e-MilanoUnica Connect platform. This will enable you to access specific services (like the Digital Catalogue and video calls by appointment), facilitating direct and immediate communication between buyers and exhibitors. 

2. Legislation governing data processing


a) The processing of personal data pursuant to 1.1 (access to events), 1.3 (forwarding of service communications and press releases) and 1.8 (use of e-MilanoUnica Connect services)  is legal in that it is required for the execution of contract obligations to which you are a party or to fulfil your specific requests (access to the events and/or forwarding of the newsletters and press releases). Therefore, in this case your explicit consent is not required. 

In the event in which your personal data was provided to us by a third party (exhibitors, your colleagues, your employer, etc.), -  without prejudice to the fact that these subjects must have obtained your prior consent to give us your personal data, - S.I.TEX S.p.A. will send you its Privacy Policy on the first contact occasion including indication of the source from which we received your data.


b) The processing of personal data as per 1.2  (e-contact service for organizational and logistics purposes) and 1.4. (communication of personal data to third parties), 1.5 (audio, video shootings, pictures for promotional and advertising purposes), 1.6 (direct marketing) and 1.7 (profiling based on lifestyle data and consumption habits) shall occur only if the Data Subject provides his/her explicit consent for each individual purpose.


c) Your personal data may also be processed legally for the purpose of fulfilling obligations envisaged by national and Community laws, regulations and standards or in response to requests by authorized public and private authorities. In this respect, the applicable regulation does not require the Data Subject’s consent.


3. Type of data processed

Data processing essentially refers to personal data and contact data, data obtained from market research analyses and surveys, data relative to your lifestyle and consumption habits and data regarding your professional title and qualification, the enterprise you work in and the specific interests of your company. In some cases, - only subject to your prior consent, - we may also process pictures (see above, 1.5).


4. Processing methods

Data processing is mainly performed by collection, registration and organization in our database, storage, selection, extraction, use, comparison, communication, deletion and, under specific conditions (1.5.), transfer of data. 
Data processing is mainly performed by using electronic devices relying on suitable IT software programs and, also, on paper. The afore said electronic devices, the database and the relevant operating systems are suitable to save, manage and transfer data based on criteria and methods that ensure adequate and preventive data security and protection. Specific technical and organizational data security measures are implemented to prevent data loss, unlawful or incorrect data processing and unauthorized access to personal data.  


5. Storage duration

Your personal data (personal details, contact data, professional data and data regarding participation in our events) as well as your pictures and audio/video recordings shall be filed in our database and used for the purposes above indicated for a maximum period of 4 years from your last attendance (or manifestation of interest) in one of our events. In particular, your personal data shall be kept and processed by S.I.TEX SpA for direct marketing and profiling purposes for 24 and 12 months, respectively (time periods envisaged by law and by the regulations established by the competent Data Protection Authority). This without prejudice to the rights recognized to the Data Controller and/or Data Subject, the fulfilment of obligations vis-à-vis public authorities or legal purposes which may result in the extension of the afore mentioned storage term.


6. Data provision and its effects

The provision of the data for the purposes mentioned above is necessary for the execution of the described processes, but it remains based on the free will of the Data Subject. The failed provision of the data for the purposes indicated under 1.1 (access to events) or the subsequent entire and/or partial opposition to data processing makes it impossible for S.I.TEX S.p.A. to fulfill your requests and you may not access the events promoted. 
The failed provision of the data for the purposes indicated under 1.2 (e-contact service for organizational and logistics purposes), 1.3 (Forwarding of communications), 1.4 (Communications of personal data to third parties), 1.5 (Use of pictures and videos for promotional and advertising purposes), 1.6 (direct marketing), 1.7 (profiling  based on lifestyledata and consumption habits) and 1.8 (use of e-MilanoUnica Connect services)  will prevent S.I.TEX S.p.A. from processing your personal data for the purposes above described. This, however, does not have any impact on you accessing our events.


7. Data recipients

With the exception of the pictures as per 1.4, your personal data shall in no event be released to undetermined subjects. Your personal data may be communicated to the following subjects:

  • Subjects operating as specifically authorized employees or collaborators of the Data Controller (S.I.TEX S.p.A.);

  • Subjects operating as independent Data Controllers when requested by law (e.g.: public authorities) or in the case in which it is strictly necessary to respond to your needs or provide you with specific  services (i.e. bank institutes, travel agencies, the Italian Trade Agency ICE that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy);

  • Subjects operating as Data Processors, namely subjects authorized by contract to operate in the name and on behalf of S.I.TEX S.p.A. (service providers, hardware and software assistance providers, companies responsible for the forwarding of commercial communications through the use of automated systems, etc.). 

Lastly, subject to your explicit consent or at your explicit request, we will communicate your personal data to third parties as illustrated in point 1.4. and point 1.8 above, who shall process them as independent Data Controllers.


8. Your rights

Pursuant to Article 15 and the following of GDPR, you have the right to:

  • gain access to your personal data and learn their source, the aims and purposes of their processing, the data of the Data Controller, of the Data Processor and of the subjects to which the data may be transferred;

  • revoke your consent at any time, should this consent be the base of processing. In any case, revoking your consent does not prejudice the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given prior to it;

  • update or correct your personal data so that they are constantly accurate;

  • delete your personal data from the database and/or archives of the Data Controller, should it no longer be necessary for the purposes indicated above;

  • limit the processing of your personal data in specific circumstances, such as when you have contested their correctness, for the period required by the Data Controller to check their correctness;

  • obtain your personal data in digital format;

  • oppose the processing of your personal data or ask for processing suspension for any of the purposes listed above. Following such a request, the Data Controller shall in no event be entitled to process your personal data, except in the cases of application of laws and regulations.

You may exercise your rights by contacting the Data Controller in writing by sending an e-mail to the address indicated in 9 below. 

You shall always have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority and, in particular, in the Member State in which you reside or habitually work or in the place where the alleged violation occurred.


9. Contact data of the Data Controller  

Any communication concerning personal data processing shall be addressed to the Data Controller:  S.I.TEX S.p.A., with registered offices in Milan, Via Alberto Riva Villasanta 3, Milan, Italy. Contacts: phone +39 02 66103820; e-mail info@milanounica.it


It should be noted that this Privacy Policy may be supplemented, either orally or in writing, with additional elements and recommendations in order to better meet any privacy related requests by the Data Subjects and in relation to the evolving regulatory framework.

This Policy replaces any previous paper or digital versions.


March 8, 2023