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6 Ways Fashion Could Become More Sustainable In 2023

Retailers embracing rentals, recycling technologies scaling up, moving towards regenerative materials, a greenwashing crackdown, addressing the supply chain and a stronger protection for garment workers – these are the next likely changes for the fashion industry.

- British Vogue -

The State Of Sustainability In The Fashion Industry (And What It Means For Brands)

Consumers could push the fashion industry to reckon with its impact on our environment.

- Forbes -

Nobody left behind: Why fashion should strive for a ‘just transition’

Fashion could learn a lot from the closure of coal mines when it comes to coupling social and environmental impact, experts say. But the process of a just transition is complex, and requires a radical mindset shift many brands are reluctant to embrace.

- Vogue Business -

Green is the new black as fashion sector fast-forwards on sustainability trend

The Covid-19 pandemic and the crises of the past year have made sustainability a priority for the fashion industry, pushing companies towards more circular production models and energy efficiency.

- Reuters -

Podcast: How do fashion shoppers navigate sustainability?

Eva McGeorge, Lenzing’s Head of Marketing and Communications, illustrate the company’s recent survey on consumer attitudes to sustainability in fashion.

- Ecotextile News -

Sustainable fashion trends in 2023

Some sustainable fashion trends to watch for this year along with some relevant statistics.

- The Times of India -

Milano Unica has long been paying special attention to the themes of the green circular economy and is actively engaged in supporting the industry in order to reduce its carbon footprint.


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