The evolution of sustainability trends

What’s new in the MU Tendenze Sostenibilità Area

For this edition too, the MU Tendenze Sostenibilità Area presenting the S/S 2025 collections, maintains top priority. 

All the product samples feature sustainable characteristics.



The QR code attached to each sample allows users to retrieve detailed product information, like the composition, the list of sustainability certifications, and the company’s commitment to sustainability. In addition, information about the sustainability categories assigned by the MU Technical Committee to each product has been integrated. The categories are meant to translate the sector’s technical specifications into universal values of environmental and social responsibility: the fight against climate change, the elimination of hazardous chemicals, the preservation of biodiversity, the circular economy, and social justice.  


The categories are visually represented by a pie chart to highlight the company's commitment: the higher the number of colored categories, the more sustainable the product presented.

MU_Sostenibilita_Grafico_prodotto.jpgThe graphic symbol of the star has been used to indicate additional remarks. Namely, stars have been applied to confirm the implementation by a company of a sustainability management system, a product tracing system, or a PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) system.



Milano Unica has been promoting this approach based on detailed product information to encourage product sourcing based on specific characteristics regarding product composition and look. In this way, buyers can easily identify fabrics and accessories of their interest, scan the corresponding QR code, and retrieve all useful specifications regarding sustainability in real time. 



Given the growing importance of sustainable products, Milano Unica has also launched a support service. Buyers can turn to the dedicated Information Desk of the MU Tendenze Sostenibilità area to ask about samples that meet certain sustainability characteristics.

For instance, buyers can inquire about a shirting fabric made from organically grown cotton, recycled denim, a wool product derived from animal-friendly farms, or a button made from bioresin.



The MU Tendenze Sostenibilità area will also feature the new Milano Unica podcasts providing insights on the Tendenze for the Spring/Summer 2025 season and a snapshot of new season’s collections.