All you need to know to visit Milano Unica

All you need to know to visit Milano Unica

Next edition Milano Unica Milano:

September 7, 8, 9, 2020

Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.


The exhibitors of the 30 th edition  (February 2020)


Milano Unica is a trade show with restricted access, with the participation of selected fashion professionals. To be part of the Milano Unica experience and enter the place where fashion begins, discover here how to access based on the category you belong to. 

Milano Unica is a point of reference for the high-end textile and accessories industry. Access is reserved for authorized buyers: apparel producers, style offices, purchase groups, department stores, e-commerce websites selling apparel and footwear, retailers and wholesalers. For accreditation criteria click here.

Milano Unica invites Italian and international Fashion Schools to visit the trade show and offers students an important opportunity for training and exposure. 
For accreditation criteria click here.

The link for the accreditation for the September 2020 trade show will be soon enabled.


At Milano Unica journalists will find the best selection of Italian and international high-end textiles and accessories, the latest trends and innovations regarding the use of digital technology and sustainability in the fashion industry.

For accreditation criteria click here.




To know more about Milano Unica conventions reserved for exhibitors and visitors: Find an accomodation in Milan.


Milano Unica informs visitors that it is forbidden to bring scissors in the trade show. For safety reasons, scissors will be collected at the Metal Detector Check Point.
Thank you for your understanding