“Sustainable innovation”: all the exhibitors 

The Area dedicated to Sustainability in the Exhibition

Sustainability has long been one of Milano Unica’s guiding principles, testifying to its commitment to increasing the visibility of textile producers in the fashion industry. 


This principle is shared by a large number of companies that demonstrate their ability in implementing important innovations ranging from attention to raw materials to a sustainability-oriented approach across all processes involved in manufacturing.  This is exactly the leitmotif of the third edition of Milano Unica’s Sustainability Project, namely “Sustainable Innovation”, which will also be one of the key topics of discussion at the Opening Ceremony. 


The Area dedicated to Sustainability in the Exhibition, adjacent to the Area Tendenze, presents a selection of nearly 120 businesses that have implemented sustainable innovations, with approximately 700 samples of textiles and accessories. The Area reserves special visibility to those businesses that have particularly focused on an integrated management system of their sustainable processes, i.e. companies that have defined their objectives and improvement targets over the long term as well as monitoring and reporting plans for the adoption of sustainability-oriented integrated management systems. 
The samples on display will include a tag detailing its specific categories of sustainable innovation, along with an ID code and data regarding the producer. Should you be interested in receiving technical details about a specific product, just take note of the ID code and ask the "Ask me” team members, who will email the requested information to you. The Area layout includes a video projection system illustrating the “Sustainable Innovation” principles and info boards to guide visitors and enrich the experience and the collection of information. 


All data, details and in-depth analyses on the participating businesses and their products are published in the Sustainability Project Catalogue, which will be made available in hard copy at the Fair and digitally in Milano Unica’s web site as of  February 5, 2019. 


Click here to download the preview of the list of companies participating in the Sustainability Project.  

“Sustainable Innovation” looks forward to seeing you at the 28th edition of Milano Unica scheduled February 5- 7, 2019, offering an immersive experience and inspirations through a journey into the excellence of a production that combines industry-wide commitment to sustainability with the design of masterfully manufactured products.