Sustainability Area

The special Area dedicated to samples of fabrics and accessories produced with sustainable processes and materials.

Starting from the February 2018 edition, Milano Unica inaugurated a special space within the Area Tendenze with a view to increasing the visibility of the samples of fabrics and accessories produced with sustainable processes and materials.


A total of 53 companies with approximately 250 samples participated in this Project, corresponding to nearly 13% of the total of exhibitors. As to the products presented, it was immediately clear that sustainability is an essential element of the manufacturing process, given that the majority of the participating companies submitted integrated proposals focusing on raw materials and types of finishing. Read more  

The invitation for the next July 2018 edition registered a very high level of participation, with 123 companies submitting their best examples of sustainable fabrics and accessories. The Area has consequently grown in relevance, playing a strategic role: on the dedicated Tables, buyers and professionals had an opportunity to touch and examine more than 750 samplesRead more 


The area dedicated to the Sustainability Project at Milano Unica February 2019 


The Area dedicated to the Sustainability Project of February 2019 includes approximately 120 companies with nearly 700 samples of fabrics and accessories. The Area is divided in two sections, one for the companies focusing on integrated sustainability management systems and the other one focusing on product sustainability. Read more 


The area dedicated to the Sustainability Project at Milano Unica July 2019 


The availability of new technologies for sustainability must be the driver to overcome prejudices and diffidence towards sustainable materials and processes, still common in the community of professionals and influencers  and in companies. These are the prejudices of those who believe that sustainability is incompatible with the most creative and innovative products and is only suitable for basic fabrics and accessories with little stylistic or creative content.


 The need to overcome these prejudices has given rise to the central theme of this edition of the Milano Unica Sustainability Project. Participating exhibitors have been invited to select fabrics and accessories produced with sustainable materials and technologies and with greater creative and stylistic content than in the past.

For the first time, the Sustainability Project displays samples divided according to their creative and stylistic content: the “FancyGreens” featuring greater creative content, and the “EverGreens” display a more classic and continuous style.


The area reserved for the Sustainability Project of the 29th edition of Milano Unica includes 150 companies presenting over 1,000 samples of fabrics and accessoriesRead more



The 30th edition of Milano Unica 

The February 2020 edition completes a path of research and insight to which Milano Unica has long dedicated great commitment with an important change in the core concept of the trade show and of its Content Projects. The change involves the two conceptual souls of the event: Tendenze and Sustainability. For the first time since the Sustainability Project was first launched, the products and proposals of this area are integrated into the Tendenze Area, the creative heart of Milano Unica and one of the most iconic areas of the entire trade show.

The creative samples of the Tendenze and the ones sent for the Sustainability project will be presented in a shared space, inside Hall 8, in order to highlight the relationship between Creativity, recognized worldwide and representing the basis for Made-in-Italy research and tradition, and Sustainability, the other pillar for innovation and research. 

Visitors interested in learning more about the sustainable samples are invited to contact the team of assistants available in the area and ask for the forwarding of the detailed digital files of the products on display.


The 31th edition of Milano Unica 

The September 2020 edition of Milano Unica presents the exhibitors' proposals inspired by the A/W 2021-2022 Tendenze and the proposals related to the Sustainability project in a single exhibition area that, similarly to the past edition, promotes the most advanced solutions in terms of creativity and also in terms of the commitment to increasing the environmental awareness of the fashion/apparel supply chain.