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The Fall/Winter 2025-26 collections are inspired by the concept of Family

Last March 14, Milano Unica presented the Fall/Winter 2025-26 Tendenze inspired by the Family. 


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The most contemporary idea of family as an always open and diversity-rich intergenerational, multi-ethnic nucleus is at the origin of any creative process. This is why MU Family focuses on the concept of Family featuring a selection of fabrics and accessories that blend manufacturing traditions and contemporary style evolution, bringing together different genders, ages, and cultures.


"Recurring Metamemories" was the theme of the talk opened with a welcome speech by Simone Canclini, the newly-appointed President of Milano Unica, who, in expressing his gratitude to the large audience attending the event, recalled that Milano Unica has always promoted quality over quantity with the ultimate objective of offering the best service to exhibitors and international buyers. Antonella Martinetto, Vice-President of S.I.Tex S.p.A. with responsibility for Milano Unica Tendenze, introduced the concept for the Fall/Winter 2025-26 season with an evocative image of a family lunch, the table set and laid with prototypes of fabrics and accessories, inviting all generations to participate, interact and share.


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Stefano Fadda, Milano Unica Artistic Director, accompanied attendees on a discovery of the MU Family Tendenze, starting with the concept of family as an ongoing overlapping of generations passing down memories, design objects, knowledge, and feelings. In parallel, the wardrobe becomes an asset shared by fathers, mothers, children, and grandchildren, enhancing Made-in-Italy longevity and celebrating circularity as opposed to disposable culture.


Stefano Fadda further expanded on the contrasts that characterize the MU Family collections with a combination of wools with vintage appeal and innovative materials, and classic motifs, such as Glen Check, reinterpreted with a contemporary approach. 


Materials range from heavy wool to cotton with above-normal weights, and silks. Experimentation emerges through unexpected prints, jacquard patterns, and coupled satins. Accessories, such as buttons, zippers, and buckles, add a creative and precious touch, while labels and tags are high standard and come in natural fibers.


Last but not least, Fadda presented a balanced color palette with warm and cool shades, and red and platinum accents. 


To learn more about the Fall/Winter 2025-26 Tendenze, visit the dedicated website.


Francesco Morace, sociologist and President of Future Concept Lab, followed to present a psychological and sociological analysis of the MU Family collections. The Metamemory encompasses the past and is full of memories, giving us the tools to face the change accompanied by our own story. On an aesthetic level, the Metamemory promotes a reshuffling of past codes to make differences stand out while canceling any generational conflict.


Antonio Mancinelli, Fashion and Costume Journalist and Author, showed a series of images from the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Fashion celebrates inclusivity while concurrently pursuing quality and artisanal traditions as opposed to the frenzy of consumption patterns dictated by fast fashion.


Massimo Monteforte, Director of the Milano Unica Style Commission, contributed insights on the fashion of our times. The across-the-board concept, the genderless trend, and longer collection seasonality have freed up designers from numerous constraints, inviting them to explore more. The result is sportswear made of formal fabrics, and men’s collections featuring sequins and much more.


Finally, Michelle Francine Ngonmo, CEO & Founder of the Afro Fashion Association invited the audience to reflect on inclusivity, abandon the outdated charitable approach and embrace the new, enriching culture. 


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Across-the-board, intergenerational, multicultural. These are the keywords of the talk. These words describe the current aesthetic and way of thinking. We are all invited to participate. Diversity means richness. 


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Thank you for your participation.


We look forward to meeting you on July 9, 10, and 11, 2024 at Rho Fieramilano for the 39th edition of Milano Unica.