Milano Unica is committed to promoting the dialogue about sustainability among exhibitors

"Sustainability is a lifestyle and a code of conduct, a matter of conscience, a commitment to future generations, a new way of creating, producing, distributing and selling.”

(Ercole Botto Poala)


Milano Unica chose Sustainability as a keyword and driver for the development and growth of the textile-apparel industry.  The Sustainability Project is intended to increase the visibility of Milano Unica’s exhibitors applying sustainable principles and innovations in the manufacturing of their textiles and accessories. 


Starting from the February 2019 edition, Milano Unica launches a new and evolved conceptual approach which is based on the centrality of Sustainable Innovation for the future of the industry. That’s not all: the Sustainability Project extends beyond the perimeter of the single editions of Milano Unica and becomes a project that develops during the whole year using all communication media. 


In July 2019 the Sustainability Project has reached its fourth edition and has changed its approach to reflect the changes occurring in industrial processes and, especially, the growing attention to proposals that stand out for their trendy and avant garde style.

For the first time, the Sustainability Project displays samples divided according to their creative and stylistic content: the “FancyGreens”  featuring greater creative content, and the “EverGreens” display a more classic and continuous style.


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The Sustainability Area at the trade show


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