The Innovation Area at Milano Unica

The most important innovative trends in textiles

Innovation has always been a priority for the fashion industry, from the invention of the sewing machine, to the development of new materials and production processes, up to the birth of the so-called e-commerce or the more recent m-commerce. It is a sector with a vision projected into the future which, in recent years, has experienced an even more rapid evolution thanks to the advent of new technologies. Robots that sew and cut, artificial intelligence algorithms that anticipate trends, materials regulating body temperature, changing color or allow increasingly extreme performances, etc., are all technologies that allow the enhancement of the textile substrate by rationalizing and customizing the production process. 


The Innovation area at Milano Unica intends to present, at each edition, new stimuli and ideas through the companies present in the area that represent the entire production chain of innovative textiles, from raw materials, to accessories, to yarns, fabrics, up to the finished product and technological processes. 


Also for the July edition, it will be possible, with an articulated path of technological advances, to have a vision of the most important innovation trends in textile materials.


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