Fall/Winter 2025-26 Tendenze

MU Family - Fall/Winter 2025-26 Tendenze

MU Family

Imagine being in a historic Italian villa or an eighteenth-century palazzo in the provinces, or even in an English castle or a manor in the Scottish countryside, immersed in nature enveloping the walls and penetrating undisturbed even into the interiors, inside the spacious, somewhat neglected rooms where frescoes hark back to ancient splendour and the furnishings bear witness to the many different generations and evolving eras and tastes.

The life and history of countless families, all different, traditional, extended, welcoming, multicultural, cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic, unfold in these spaces of expectation and wonder.

MU FAMILY for the Fall/Winter 2025-26 Tendenze chronicles these very families through research into fabrics that, even with their traditional workmanship, epitomise the contemporaneity of our time urging respect for the environment and acceptance of tastes, genders and age groups. 

The collection consists of interacting proposals that explore the contrasts between wools that seem to belong to the past with their lived-in patina and materials that are the product of sophisticated technological research; the combinations trigger the imagination and inspire emotions; the proposals are authentic because they evoke those fundamental values linked to Italian manufacturing know-how.

Prince of Wales checks, checked wools, Scottish argyle, blurred speckles, embellished knitwear and herringbone are all familiar motifs, brimming with nostalgia and memories that MU FAMILY brings back in a recoded format, shifting perceptions to reshape the fundamental values and attitudes of contemporaneity. 

The cross-cultural wardrobe that fathers, mothers, children, and grandchildren can draw on in a cultural context that values Made in Italy and fosters that circularity of experiences, knowledge, and tradition creates a veritable antithesis to a disposable culture.