Design for recycling

For an increasingly circular textiles and accessories production chain
General Principles - MU Sustainable Innovation

The principles of a Circular Economy and the objectives set by the EU in its Circular Economy Package (April 2018) also involve the textiles and fashion industry, both in terms of the production tailings and the final products rejected by consumers. As of today, only a small percentage is recycled, because the materials are MU Sustainable Innovation - Nuovi articoli sito complex and there is no complete chain for recovery-recycling-new production. An exception to this is the Prato district, which has a centuries-old recycling tradition for wool and other fibers and is an example of best practices at the international level.

Taking steps to improve the situation means concentrating on the study and experimentation of technical solutions adaptable to the various materials and then, in the planning stage, choosing recycled materials, making products with a longer lifespan and favoring their regeneration.