The product categories on display at Milano Unica

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Milano Unica boasts a broad range of product categories, the throbbing heart of quality in textiles and accessories. Milano Unica combines tradition and modernity and invites you to explore a universe of fabrics, ranging from classic cottons and fine wools to the technological and innovative fabrics used for casual/sportswear. From classic shirting to informal denim, Milano Unica showcases all aspects of fashion fabrics and accessories, offering its buyers multiple solutions to meet all style, creativity and market needs.


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Silky Print encompasses silk fabrics used predominantly in women's clothing, both natural and chemical (man-made and synthetic) fibers. This category combines the exquisite fineness of silk with the accuracy of print, generating a luxurious, high-quality result. Silk fabrics are renowned for their soft, shiny texture and are ideal for reproducing images and designs featuring sharp details and vibrant colors. Printing on silk fabrics is widely used for the production of luxury items such as scarves, ties, high-fashion items and linings that add distinctive details to jackets and outerwear items. With its ability to capture subtle details and convey a sense of sophistication, Silky Print offers itself as the best choice for those seeking a distinctive and classy visual presentation.



Cotton Woolly represents excellence in cotton and wool fabrics, with a versatile range suitable for different uses. Combed and worsted cotton fabrics undergo meticulous finishing processes to ensure high-performance characteristics. This attention to detail results in fabrics that are soft to the touch yet durable. Combed and worsted wool lends a soft hand and uniform texture, creating the perfect balance between comfort and durability. These high-end fabrics are suitable for a broad range of uses, from elegant houndstooth to the most durable denim items, with quality to meet every need for style and function.



Tecno fabrics represent the pinnacle of innovation in textile manufacturing, featuring a wide range of technical fabrics with special finishes and microfibers. This category ranges from the versatility of vinyl to the flexibility of stretch, from the elegance of the shiny fabrics to the functionality of water-resistant fabrics. These high-end fabrics are designed to meet modern needs, combining style and performance. The variety of options makes it possible to create clothing items and accessories suitable for different weather and environmental conditions, ensuring uncompromising comfort, performance and style. Used mainly in sportswear, Tecno fabrics combine performance, comfort and cutting-edge design, offering advanced solutions for contemporary challenges.



Knit products include knitted fabrics, ranging from jersey for underwear to woven knits for outerwear. They combine textile quality, comfort and elegance, especially when made from fine materials such as wool and cashmere. These materials make it possible to create comfortable and distinctive garments characterized by a flexible and enveloping structure. The addition of cashmere, prized for its softness and luxurious feel, further elevates their level of sophistication and richness. Cotton and blends complete the underwear offering.



If details make the difference, you will certainly appreciate the diversity of offerings in the Accessories area. From the delicate ribbons and labels that lend a distinctive touch, to the sophisticated appliqués, trimmings and piping that embellish the design: every element is perfectly crafted. Buckles, buttons and zippers add functionality and style, helping to define the look of each finished product. This area also includes RFID tags, which contain product information embedded in a small adhesive chip. Each accessory is made with attention to materials and finishes, to enhance not only the technical aspects but also the style, turning every apparel item into a sartorial work of art.



Lace & Embroidery brings together the excellence of fabrics primarily used for underwear and lingerie, with a vast assortment of tulle, lace, and embroidery combining delicacy and sophistication. These fabrics give underwear and lingerie their distinctive femininity and lightness. For ceremony and haute-couture, they instead represent the 'must-have' of elegance and sophistication typical of the context of celebrations. Masterfully embroidered lace adds special and romantic detailing that makes an item sophisticated while meeting the highest design criteria with an impeccable fit.


With the finest high-end menswear creations and an increasing number of sophisticated womenswear proposals, Ideabiella confirms its ongoing pursuit of quality, while respecting the heritage linked to tradition, by bringing to life the finest wool fabric and noble blends with silk, cotton and linen. The high quality of wool gives the items an enveloping, luxurious feel and warm, timeless elegance. Silk blends add a touch of sophistication, while cotton and linen complement the collection, offering lightness and freshness. Wool is also becoming increasingly popular in the world of technical sportswear, due to its natural thermoregulation and breathability, while providing optimal comfort and durability during movement. Each fabric featured in this area is the product of the highest level of sartorial craftsmanship, for suiting and outerwear that embody the spirit of timeless elegance.


Fine fabrics for men's and women's shirting, comprising classic offerings ranging from combed, yarn-dyed and plain cottons, ideal for those seeking timeless elegance. For a more casual look, there are denim, yarn-dyed and printed fabrics, presenting an assortment of choices ranging from formal shirting to streetwear. Over the years, shirting has been renewed thanks to an increased offering of colors and variations for yarn-dyed fabrics. The prints, featuring delicate and elegant patterns, ensure a comprehensive and versatile fashion offering.