The Milano Unica Sustainability Project

A success in terms of figures and quality 

The Sustainability Project is based on a painstaking process of research and analysis, in addition to an effort to engage and promote all the companies that have made concrete decisions in favor of the environment. A commitment that Milano Unica shares with the institutional representatives, designed to provide a high quality service to companies in the textiles/apparel sector.

Organized for the first time during the February 2018 edition of Milano Unica, with a special section dedicated to Sustainability within the Area Tendenze, it immediately attracted interest and attention, with the participation of 50 businesses presenting approximately 150 sample products. With the July edition, the Project grows in numbers and importance.  

The invitation that Milano Unica extended to businesses, to submit samples of textiles and accessories that stand out for their sustainable approach, received a very high response: over 120 enterprises accepted the challenge and the Sustainability Area of Milano Unica is now getting ready to present over 750 sample products. This is clear evidence of the fact that the textiles/clothing industry has taken on sustainability as an important and permanent responsibility.   

All the samples have been classified based on 9 categories that represent the main areas of sustainability innovation. The tags on each sample will include the categories of sustainable innovation the product belongs to, the product ID code and the producer’s data. For those who want to know more details about products, a team of assistants will be available in the Sustainability Area, wearing an easily recognizable "Ask me" uniform. You will simply have to give them the product codes you are interested in and they will email you the corresponding product cards.  

The Catalogue of the Sustainability Project, available to all visitors, includes additional details about exhibitors and the sample products presented, along with an analysis and insights on the main trends in the industry with a view to promoting an increasingly sustainable production.  

Download the digital version now and pick your hard copy at the trade show.