The fabrics supplied by the exhibitors reflect the theme of the Tendenze, which we have termed Resort Wear style, a sustainable and clear reference to holiday destinations in close contact with nature, the sea,  sun-kissed beaches, the ocean, the iridescent sky and the cities of art. 




The Resort theme features marble-like tones and, in line with the suggested color palette, we have received and selected materials with light nuances alternating with beige and cold tone gray shades.

Cotton plays a central role, developed on gauzes and heavy weights, played down with tone-on-tone prints or enhanced by streaked yarns.

The classics are renewed in the texture and freshness of the yarns and feature desert shades in a sequence of tone on tone nuances.

Moreover, fringes enrich the draping materials and raw hands.

The shades are over and characterize the 3D jacquards, while shirting presents checks and stripes, still tone on tone.

The marbling effect comes on nylon, in a macro version, creating peek-a-boo effects, in the prints, but also jacquards.

Embroidery includes broderie anglais in a macro version.

Meshes are open and enriched by embroidery and dévoré recalling the desert inspirations and playing with transparencies.

Rustic fibers include inserts of streaked yarns or fancy stripes and alternate to create 3D effects in the weave.

There are also rubberized textures on waterproof nylon with light sheens alternating with coated and opaque effects.

Light weights developed with lace and crochet creating wide mesh and foliage designs.

Macramé presents reticulated designs.

Tapes, cords and trimmings have a natural look, characterized by the use of linen, hemp or cotton yarns.

Zippers and labels have handcrafted and rustic aspects.




The Yacht theme presents a color palette that focuses on the narrative of the alternation between daytime and evening materials, in a succession of luminosity and opaque effects. 

The waterproof characteristic of nylons is enhanced by the shiny textures and light matelassé. 

Shirting is eccentric, colorful and characterized by macro designs, also in the "marine" striped versions in different sizes. 

Denim presents new weights and textures and sometimes is enriched by embroidery and special finishes.

The classic fabrics, both in terms of outerwear weights and lighter versions, are reinterpreted to feature more fluidity and liquid design inserts.

Lace is iridescent, embroidered or smeared, the crochets are characterized by stripes or macro waves, while meshes are enhanced by colored accents.

Prints and treatments are inspired by waves, with a succession of micro and macro camouflage effects.

Fil coupé presents visible fringes and sometimes iridescent yarns.

Iridescent effects and glossy transparencies stand out through tulle and chiffon.

Hems are printed and characterized by pleating or wave work.

Tapes and zippers feature marine-style stripes trims, but also opaque or lacquered finishes. Zipper tabs are eccentric, worked and detailed. 

The buttons feature liquid nuances thanks to the use of Plexiglas, different mother-of-pearl aspects and metallic details.

The applications present printing techniques that create new decorative designs.




The inspiration of the Palace theme clearly expresses the alternation of weights and thicknesses.

Jacquards are inspired by upholstery in both the designs and the size of the textures.

Floral designs characterize lace, embroidery and crochet.

The pastel shaded laminations included in the color chart are applied to fluid and sometimes transparent materials.

Fancy patterned yarns enhance the textures by designing organic volumes.

Shirting is characterized by macro floral designs, regular geometries and patterned checks.

The 3D effects are reflected in pleating, macro velvets and coated fabrics.

Jerseys and knits feature luminous touches or sparkling inserts.

Embroideries are textured, characterized by sequined inserts and discreet luminescences, just as applications are volumized by lace and voile.

Tapes present alternations of shiny and opaque effects, geometric decorations and volumes.

Buttons are interpreted in a dainty way, with jewel and decorative proposals.


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