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"Our mission is to inspire today’s new fashion market, increasingly aware and demanding."
Dolores Gouveia, Design and Marketing Manager

What are the main points of strength in relation to your market positioning?

RDD - Research Design Development is a company that provides integrated innovative solutions, from new concepts and designs to the final product - top and singular jersey fabrics and knits - for global fashion brands.


Our mission is to inspire today’s new fashion market, increasingly aware and demanding, with a unique premium knit collection.


Consciousness is our luxury. We translate this claim to the essence of our original jerseys at affordable prices through nature and social responsibility, raw material sourcing, design and production.


RDD's strength is the offer of luxurious, eco-friendly jersey fabrics at affordable prices.


Our Commitments are:

  • Creativity
  • Consciousness
  • Customer Service
  • Complete Solution
  • Co-creation of Value

What are your main reference targets?

Our targets are the Middle and High End Conscious Global Brands, the new fashionable responsible consumers.



We offer our partners products in natural fibers, including organic and recycled alternatives; as well as new age artificial fibers and recycled synthetics.


We are devoted to Co-Creating the Future through innovative and pro-sustainability projects that concretize our vision, like the organic and mercerized, mid.tone and undyed cotton ranges, or the award-winning product Tencel Padding.


Our dynamic mindset and operations are in line with the values of socially responsible and eco-friendly global brands and consumers.

How much important is Digital Transformation in the marketing of your products?

The digital transformation is especially important at this time, to inform people, to give our brand and our products greater visibility, and to provide broader access to potential new clients – global sampling distribution.


The site and social media are usually the first point of contact with our brand and with our proposals.


The digital realm is, of course, one of the touch points of the omnichannel strategy, although we believe that in the textiles sector, physical contact with the product is still needed – exact color perception, visual appearance, hand – soft or dry, and draping are all key.


In our opinion the international trade shows still have impact as touch points.


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