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"The Preppy line targets large distribution brands, with particular attention to young collections."
Francesca Passera, Product/Style Office Manager

What are the main points of strength in relation to your market positioning?

At Preppy, our strong point is our expertise with the materials used for our products.


The ability to produce polyester and to manage a very large number of manufacturing and finishing steps are fundamental to maintaining a competitive edge over others who only process or sell the product.


Recently, we have ramped up a process started a few years ago, involving the manufacturing of a wide range of eco-sustainable materials in order to satisfy the growing demand of our customers for fashion accessories as eco-friendly as possible.


In fact, for the past couple of seasons our proposal has included next-generation polyester, made of up to 41% bio-based resin. In addition to this new product, we also offer our traditional materials, which we have been presenting from about ten years now, including elements that are either recycled or scrapped from other processes, such as sawdust, paper, stone, etc.

What are your main reference targets?

Our reference targets are defined in close relation with the lines that we present from season to season.


Each line is designed with the target customer clearly in mind, without forgetting the seasonal trends.


Specifically, the "Preppy" line is addressed to a less exclusive clientele than our “Gritti 1924” first line.


The “Preppy" line targets large distribution brands, with particular attention to young collections. To do so, we use low-value materials (mainly polyester) that best imitate natural fibers. Processing is basic and the focus is on colors and finishes.

How much important is Digital Transformation in the marketing of your products?

Digital transformation does not have a huge impact on the marketing of our products, but we hope to see a change in the near future, at least for our carry-over items.


In any case, we are getting ready and implement all necessary tools to facilitate this transition, although we also believe that it is important to maintain traditional marketing channels that let us understand our customers more in depth, while establishing a long-lasting relationship with them and meeting their specific needs.


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