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Interviews to sector experts on key topics regarding the entire supply chain

"Inspiration does not come from studying, but reveals itself all of a sudden as a result of external stimuli."
Giulia Pinato, Marketing Manager

Where do you get inspiration and how does the creative process unfold in the development of your collections?

Our creative team is constantly looking for inspiration and ideas, often in a very unusual way. In fact, our creative team does not rely on trend books and trend forecasting tools, but freely engages and whirls with the events that shake the world every day.


Inspiration does not come from studying, but reveals itself all of a sudden as a result of external stimuli we are all exposed to on a daily basis.


This is why ideas always come from our surroundings, movies, music and art, without forgetting the many inputs from the various fashion shows held around the world during the course of the year.

What are the differentiating traits of your collections?

We can safely say that the distinctive elements of our collections are the attention to the environment and people.


For several years now, our collections have been oriented towards sustainability. Sustainability not only in terms of the search for raw materials, but throughout the entire production process. This characteristic does even minimally reduce the quality of the materials and the performance of the final product.


These are not just words: our company is constantly committed to obtaining certifications in order to make the whole process as transparent and traceable as possible, both for our customers and for final consumers.


In addition, we are constantly searching for new graphic inspiration and original ideas about colors, materials and creative processes, in order to create collections that have a strong identity, immediately recognizable as Panama Trimmings.

How many collections do you produce per year? Do they feature special elements or characteristics depending on the seasons?

We produce two collections each year. One for the Spring/Summer season and the other for the Autumn/Winter season.


The collections are presented to customers and prospects in trade shows and visits to our customers’ premises, where we present the new products and explain the purpose of the new materials introduced, highlighting the colors, the graphic designs and the creative ideas behind the final product. 



Clearly, the collections are in line with the intrinsic characteristics of the seasons to which they refer and provide a broad spectrum in terms of choice of materials, colors and graphic proposals.

How is your company responding to the uncertainties of this period? What changes are being implemented?

Our company has promptly responded to the profound changes imposed by the pandemic crisis.


On one hand, we immediately converted part of the production line to produce facemasks, while on the other we also continued to focus on our core business.


The implementation of all the necessary safety protocols enabled us to continue designing and producing the new collection.


At present, we are working on a strategy that will allow us to present our collection to all of our customers in a way that ensures the protection of everybody’s health.


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