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Interviews to sector experts on key topics regarding the entire supply chain

"The entire team in contact with the market actively participates in the design of the new collections."
Mirco Povolo, Sales Manager

Where do you get inspiration and how does the creative process unfold in the development of your collections?

It's a continuous, multitasking inspiration. The entire team in contact with the market actively participates in the design of the new collections, with new ideas and requests that are then interpreted by our Product Department.


If we compare today's research with that of the past, we can but confirm that we have been accelerating the design process so much. This is the result of globalization, which has forced us to constantly look for new ideas, introducing them into the market even before having digested the previous ones and therefore missing out on the understanding of their intrinsic value.


Our team of product managers and sales managers travel the world, visiting all of the countries in which we are distributing in order to better understand local market trends.

What are the differentiating traits of your collections?

The cotton textile sector to which we belong certainly has a key advantage as it is mostly used to "dress" the new generations always open to "casual outfits". In recent years, the new technologies helped us to increase the image of cotton as a refined fiber, to cover more and more elegant niches.


Consequently, collections differ primarily in the use of raw materials (not always just cotton), including blends with other fibers, with more or less compact structures according to the corresponding function (trousers, jackets and suits).


In addition, dyeing technology (reactive Olimpias or pigment) adds value based on the desired result, be it sportswear effects or refined looks, and the various finishing processes complete our offering in enriching our products with stretch/comfort features that have played a central role in recent years.

How many collections do you produce per year? Do they feature special elements or characteristics depending on the seasons?

We produce two collections every year, a SPRING SUMMER and an AUTUMN WINTER collection.


Approximately one month in advance we present our pre-collections, developed for our loyal customers, who need more direct and targeted attention for their custom fabrics.



Obviously, weights and mechanical finishes are very important features that differ from season to season, although in recent years we have noticed a convergence, especially in the use of fabric weights. 


Colors are always important for the personalization of the proposal.


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