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Interviews to sector experts on key topics regarding the entire supply chain

"We focus mostly on the technical aspects of finishing to give our fabrics unique features."
Leonardo Olmi, Sales Manager

Where do you get inspiration and how does the creative process unfold in the development of your collections?

We draw inspiration from constant research through magazines and digital media, the web, and the most important brands, as  well as the small enterprises that can contribute to creating unique products that convey a sense of joy and modernity.


In addition, our specialist designer team experiments with new trends, applying the skills acquired over time and their ability to imagine a clothing item by transforming and mixing fibers with performance characteristics and eye-catching looks.


All this is reflected in our fabrics through our smart and often unique weaving process and finishing processes whose secrets we guard, for the sake of keeping their uniqueness.

What are the differentiating traits of your collections?

We focus mostly on the technical aspects of finishing to give our fabrics unique features and we essentially avoid trivial basic effects that would put us in competition with Asian markets.


Our extensive experience in the industry and our technical expertise allow us to create items that, although conceptually expensive, prove to be smart and reasonably priced.


Finally, our approach to sustainability contributed to the creation of a product in full respect of the planet, increasing our determination to design and produce more eco-sustainable materials for our traditional collections as well.

How many collections do you produce per year? Do they feature special elements or characteristics depending on the seasons?

We produce 2 collections a year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.


The production cycle, however, never stops, and we produce items based on customer needs or on any last-minute ideas deriving from the presentation of our collections.


The collections are very different from one another, because there are fibers that are more suitable for the summer and others more suitable for winter.


The weight of the fabrics is another important factor to be considered and, therefore, the use of a low or high gauge fiber can make a difference in the look, texture and performance.

How is your company responding to the uncertainties of this period? What changes are being implemented?

The current complicated period of great uncertainties affecting all sectors in Italy and globally has had a tremendous impact on our company and the industry at large, resulting in cancelled orders and doubts about future orders.


We are nevertheless confident that our sector will recover in the coming months. In this respect, we are already working on an online catalogue to display our collections, as no one yet knows for sure when we will be able to travel again and meet our customers in person.