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"We are committed to sustainable manufacturing and we are a leading company in the Bishu region."

Why is it important to invest in sustainability?

Nakaden Keori is located in the Bishu province, which has long tradition of major wool fabric production. 


In our region we implement traditional systems to recycle wool materials. We appreciate the good points of wool and we focus on the culture of using materials with care.


We have already laid the foundations for sustainable production.


We are committed to sustainable manufacturing and we are a leading company in the Bishu region, taking care of the entire process from raw materials to finishing.


We believe in the importance of sustainable manufacturing and we are convinced we can make a difference in the industry.

How is your company committed to reducing the environmental impact of your production?

We’ve adopted three approaches in our factory for the purpose of reducing environmental impact:

・installing solar panels on all of the rooftops of our factories

・replacing fluorescent lights with LED 

・recycling trimmed selvedges, weaving with 100% woolyarns



We deliver trimmed selvedges to recycling manufactures in an approximate quantity of 6000 kg a year. After being cut into pieces and fiberized, they are spun into yarn again. 


Even if the use of woolen yarns is less efficient than polyester-mixed yarns from a manufacturing standpoint, we have worked constantly for many years in order to help reduce our carbon footprint. 

What are your sustainability projects for the upcoming future?

At present, we are concentrating on developing fabrics from organic materials.


For approximately four years now, we have been collaborating with Mongolian companies dealing with high-quality animal hair, such as cashmere, camel, and yak, produced with organic farming methods, and our customers are now appreciating our efforts.


In the future, we would like to expand our lineup of fabrics from organic materials, not only from animal hair but also from plant materials, such as cotton and linen.


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