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Interviews to sector experts on key topics regarding the entire supply chain

"The human factor is very important for our company."
Dario Paracchini, Sales Office

How much important is technological innovation in your company?

Our company has always been keen on technological innovations.


Technological innovation has become even more important to us today in terms of:

  • production methods, i.e. the always careful and constantly evolving fine-tuning of manufacturing and finishing processes that allow us to produce our finished fabrics, fabrics that are also quite different from one another;
  • the possibility of using and introducing new eco-sustainable or recycled fibers in the collection, interpreting the market’s growing sensitivity in this direction. Likewise, we have innovated our proposal in the most recent collection presented at Milano Unica;
  • last but not least, the possibility to send and receive images of archive drawings, tests carried out and customized variants in real time.

What are the key aspects of your products?

Flexibility, i.e. the possibility to print on a large number of products in natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, woven and knitted, while maintaining high quality.


Quick response, i.e. rapid reaction to the increasingly tight timing imposed by the market.


Creativity, i.e. a proposal that is always up to date and responds to even the most urgent requests from the market.


Customization, i.e. starting from a wide range of designs and variants, we then proceed with customization, to adapt the proposal to customer needs. Customization also includes the possibility of creating exclusive designs.

How much important is the human factor in your company?

The human factor is very important for our company, both in terms of internal collaboration and trust across departments and in terms of quick response to the market.


As most of our production focuses on printing, we manage huge amounts of drawings and variants and, therefore, being able to translate and transfer the needs expressed by our customer onto the fabric is our priority, definitely human by definition.


At the same time, personal relationships in our daily routine are key: collaboration and trust built up over time, upstream with our suppliers and downstream with our customers, depend almost entirely on the “human” factor.

How is your company responding to the uncertainties of this period? What changes are being implemented?

We are experiencing a period full of uncertainties about the market and consumer behavior.


Our company has carried out numerous exercises and assessments to take steps in this regard:

  • customer contacts and presentation of the collections through an increasing number of digital media, in parallel with traditional ones;
  • increased speed in responding to customer demands, order and sample processing and manufacturing, to compensate for the delay with which we receive them, due to lockdown;
  • growing attention to customer feedback in order to enable prompt response.


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