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Interviews to sector experts on key topics regarding the entire supply chain

"Our company’s strength is its almost century-old expertise in the sector and in raw materials."
FRANCESCA PASSERA, Style/Product Manager

How much important is technological innovation in your company?

Technological innovation is key for our company to maintain both an adequate level of product quality and a good level of efficiency in every step of the production chain.


Our production processes are based on constantly upgraded technology, both in terms of IT systems and manufacturing.


In all of our departments we use next generation equipment and we run the latest and most innovative software packages.


Moreover, in the past few years, faced with customer demand for customization, we set up a rapid prototyping department equipped with the most modern technology.

What are the key aspects of your products?

Our company’s strength is its almost century-old expertise in the sector and in raw materials.


We manage the entire production chain internally, carrying out most of the phases involved in the manufacturing of an item in each department, with a particular focus on experimentation, which is always at the top of our priority agenda.


The product is designed, prototyped and manufactured by highly qualified and experienced personnel.


Therefore, we can undoubtedly confirm that our products are the result of a careful analysis of current trends, a refined design and impeccable technical, quality-oriented production.

How much important is the human factor in your company?

Our employees directly involved in product development - be it intended as sample preparation or custom requests - are the key factor in obtaining aesthetically and technically valuable products.

THE DEDICATION AND INTUITION SHOWN BY INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEES ALLOW THE TEAM TO SOLVE PROBLEMS, IMPROVE QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITYThe dedication and intuition shown by individual employees, relying on their experience and expertise, allow the team to solve problems, improve quality and productivity, optimize time, be innovative and work proactively.

We can therefore say that, more than in other sectors, employee competences and soft skills make a huge difference in guaranteeing an optimal workflow.


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