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"Correct rules, adequate equipment and ongoing training are the basis of every project that protects our environment."
Alessandro Botta, Communication Office

Why is it important to invest in sustainability?

To support our planet, which has unfortunately undergone a strong and abrupt change in recent years, and to reverse the trend that has put our planet to a serious and difficult situation, it is important to invest in environmental sustainability, starting from employee training, as they are the first players in our production chain.


Correct rules, adequate equipment and ongoing training are the basis of every project that protects our environment.


We use technology in our factory to ensure greater energy savings and consequently less pollution released in the environment, also thanks to the specialized systems we have adopted to save energy and recycle water.

How is your company committed to reducing the environmental impact of your production?

Through a series of investments within the various production departments that will lead the company to be completely sustainable in all its activities.


Through the total elimination of plastic inside the factories, from water bottles to coffee cups, replacing everything with compostable and biodegradable products and providing all employees with customized aluminum water bottles and purified water dispensers, including a sanitizing process for each bottle.


As mentioned above, for the purpose of reducing the impact of our production cycles, we have installed a series of new machines capable of maintaining the same level of production efficiency as the previous ones but with a considerably lower environmental impact.

What are your sustainability projects for the upcoming future?

We have activated controls along the supply chain, from the raw material to the finished product, to ensure total product traceability, all supported by certifications that confirm the company's engagement in green projects.



We established an important partnership with an Australian farm that guarantees the certification of the raw materials we use for the manufacturing of our green lines.


We are also working on a project of circular economy, recovering by-products to be used in the development of zero km products.


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