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Interviews to sector experts on key topics regarding the entire supply chain

"It is also essential to work in terms of product traceability to make the combination of production processes and sustainability transparent."
Marini Doriana, Partner and Sole Director

Why is it important to invest in sustainability?

DIENPI has always promoted sustainability – environmental, ethical and social - with commitment and determination.  


This engagement has resulted in the Greenpeace SA8000 Ethical and Environmental DETOX Certification, which includes the elimination of potentially toxic chemicals from the fashion supply chain.


DIENPI strongly believes in these processes because they have marked and will mark the growth of the company and the entire supply chain involved in the design and research of innovative collections. Dienpi aims at enhancing the value of its human resources, also through continuous training projects in the field of sustainability.


The support of creative SMEs operating in the fashion supply chain is crucial to promote the adoption of sustainable processes by the large fashion groups. It is also essential to work in terms of product traceability to make the combination of production processes and sustainability transparent to the advantage of consumers and the human resources involved. DIENPI strongly believes in the value of Made in Italy production as well as in the value of locally produced products that promote growth in terms of excellence of the various production districts and the entire community.

How is your company committed to reducing the environmental impact of your production?

DIENPI has recently invested in a new photovoltaic system for the generation of green energy. The system powers both the offices and the production facilities, the heating and cooling system and eliminated the use of gas entirely.


Recently, the company invested in the refurbishment of part of its machinery, replacing it with new energy-saving equipment and machines, and we extended the use of energy-efficient light bulbs.  


Moreover, we are also in the process of installing a next-generation purification plant dedicated to screen printing, collecting wastewater in special containers so that no polluting liquid substances are introduced into the common sewage. 


All seasonal samples include at least two lines dedicated to sustainability and circular economy. Our company started investigating sustainable raw materials and processes over 15 years ago and today this engagement is a must. (Recycled leather and fabrics, “green” inks, certified and tested raw materials, etc.).

What are your sustainability projects for the upcoming future?

For the new collections, we have selected various materials that will be presented as bases and supports for luxury bags and shoes, which we will print and decorate with the new low-energy and zero-emission machinery.



Production will become increasingly traceable and exclusively Made in Italy, the new collections stand out for the ongoing research of raw materials and eco-friendly production processes and for the recovery of production waste that will be re-used in new and valuable projects.


An example is our "ECO FARM" collection: waste fabrics and leather are re-used to produce valuable handmade paper types, ideal for tags and packaging; labels with recycled polyester yarns and regenerated leather; prints on FSC certified paper; and SMART LABEL: washable, for product traceability and anti-counterfeiting, and readable via smartphone.

How is your company responding to the uncertainties of this period? What changes are being implemented?

DIENPI is dedicated to innovation and ongoing research, both in terms of products and processes. During the Covid-19 emergency, it converted part of its production line to produce masks, obtaining the Certification from the Italian Health Institute for the Safe Mask Type I Surgical Mask. 


The masks represented an important change, as the company expanded its reach from a B2B approach to a B2C approach. In addition to masks, we also produce TNT overalls and gowns. These products are branded with our new DIENPI SAFE logo.


Currently, DIENPI is producing over 20,000 masks per day, including Medical Devices to be used by workers as personal protective equipment for the entire duration of the emergency and printed or customized filter masks. DIENPI SAFE masks are washable and reusable several times, in line with the philosophy of limiting disposable products and contributing to waste reduction.