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"We definitely have a broad product offering and our customers recognize innovation in all of our collections."
Mauro Canclini, Creative Director 

Where do you get inspiration and how does the creative process unfold in the development of your collections?

We draw inspiration from everywhere for our collections, we keep our antennas on high and tuned to the world, in order to capture and interpret suggestions from art, music, nature, architecture and lifestyle trends. Travelling from Milan to New York, from Tokyo to Paris, we visit the main capitals, the icons of style and innovation.


We are certainly inspired by the fashion shows and we have also developed our ability to interpret trends on social media, poking around the infinite ways in which modern men interpret and experience reality.


We are also lucky because we have direct contacts with the decision makers of the most prominent fashion houses, and thanks to close collaboration with them and mutual respect, the resulting flow of information nurtures inspirations for our collections.


The creative process that I engage in when developing a collection does not follow any precise rules; some creations spring from an idea and immediately take on shape and color. Others need patience, several tests with details and repeated trials to achieve the desired result.

What are the differentiating traits of your collections?

We definitely have a broad product offering and our customers recognize innovation in all of our collections. Every season we introduce something new.


We study not only new graphics and colors, but also new weights, finishes and treatments. Sourcing raw materials is key and we only choose the best yarns. In a nutshell, it’s not just novelty for novelty’s sake: the goal is to come up with the right fabric at the right time.


Another distinctive feature of our collections is the ability to make the most of our background. Established in 1925, our company has a long history, and in all these years we have been always able to evolve without ever forgetting our values and principles, i.e. quality, style, service, respect and sustainability.

How many collections do you produce per year? Do they feature special elements or characteristics depending on the seasons?

Canclini collections include several lines. "Canclini 1925" offers various product families, ranging from classic to eco, from sports to prints, from Easy life to Techno Shirt.


We also have the "Blue 1925" collection for indigo garments and more, for customers across generations. A real hub of fabrics for those who are looking for new ideas and suggestions. We have also introduced a women's line - "Per Lei" - and a beachwear line.


We have two institutional, seasonal (summer and winter) collections, but we are constantly working thanks to the steady demand for exclusive capsules that we receive from our customers.


Therefore, in addition to the omnibus collections that we present every six months, we have many other exclusive collections that we develop on demand, regardless of the season. In short, we follow our customers and meet their needs.

How is your company responding to the uncertainties of this period? What changes are being implemented?

Simone Canclini, CEO


The extraordinarily challenging period we have been going through for the past several weeks has forced us to re-think our priorities and decide what is really important.


In this scenario, all of us have had to confront our fears, not only in terms of our health and our very lives, but in terms of our businesses and livelihoods: alongside primary concerns about safety, we have had to reassess the future, implementing all the necessary measures to protect the workplace as much as possible.


A few weeks ago we started implementing actions intended to protect our employees (smart working and PPEs, to name just two) and to keep all our communications with our clients and suppliers open and transparent, making use of all the technologies available.


The intense exchange of communications was never interrupted, but since doing business is based on interactions between people and products in real life, and not just online, we have redesigned and updated our processes, adapting employee work shifts, engaging the supply chain and working with the service providers, especially the couriers.


We are also trying to find new solutions and propose innovative communication and sales tools, like digital presentations, videos and calls, as well as keeping our websites and social pages constantly updated.


Having said and done all this, we hope we will soon be able to get back to doing what we love most: creating together, shoulder to shoulder, in the service of a better future.


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