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"We have established a very well organized and efficient network, thanks to our plants spread throughout the world."
Cesare Sironi, C.E.O.

What are the main points of strength in relation to your market positioning?

Cervotessile’s key points of strength in relation to our market positioning are surely the quality of our products, whether they are yarn dyed or printed fabrics, linings or interlinings, together with the efficiency of our production and logistics.


We also provide a reliable customer care network that can assist in every matter or need throughout the process and all around the world.


We are equipped with a 18,000 square meter warehouse, which allows us to guarantee the availability of our products at any time. Our strongest belief is definitely the solidity of our values, the legacy of a great history, started in 1815.

What are your main reference targets?

We have established a very well organized and efficient network, thanks to our plants spread throughout the world.


Our headquarters and production plants are in Italy, but we are also present in other parts of the world, with offices and storage facilities in China, the US, Tunisia and Mexico.


In this way, we are able to satisfy national and international customers, guaranteeing the highest standards and the highest levels of product quality, paying the utmost attention to implementing eco-sustainable activities and processes complying with the most important sustainability parameters and certifications.

How much important is Digital Transformation in the marketing of your products?

In today’s modern society, digital devices and social media tools enable everyone to see all kind of content from wherever they are, at home, while travelling or during working hours in the office.


We are committed to implementing the best communication strategies and using them as a strategic window to display our products, to show who we are, what we do and the values we believe in, to prove our skills and efficiency, demonstrating that we can be the right choice for potential customers.


Nowadays companies that want to secure a strategic position in the market cannot ignore this aspect of their marketing strategy.

How is your company responding to the uncertainties of this period? What changes are being implemented?

This period of crisis will have an impact on the textile industry.



For this reason, we focused on implementing new digital tools that will allow us to interact with our customers in a more effective way.


This does not mean that we will abandon the traditional and still valid tools of communication, but it is also true that we must be ready to respond to customer needs in all possible ways.


We expect to be in a position to launch these new tools soon, starting from the next FW21-22 collection.



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