Textile Innovation on show at Milano Unica, 6-7 July 2021

Companies exhibiting in the Innovation Area

In recent decades, technological innovation has also acquired a priority role in the textile and accessories sector for fashion clothing, increasingly involving operators all along the supply chain. With particular attention to this evolution, with the July 2021 edition, Milano Unica presents the new Innovation Area, responding to the growing need for product, process and service innovation, now absolutely essential for any manufacturing company. 


Product innovation, however, could be more relevant if resulting not of a single production phase, but of an innovative approach spread  throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to the finished product. In the Innovation Area of ​​Milano Unica, organized by TexClubTec - the Technical and Innovative Textiles section of Sistema Moda Italia - there will therefore be companies representing the entire production chain and cutting-edge products will be presented, characterized by the ability to offer performance specific or made with innovative processes, thus offering a rich and diversified overview of the main companies in the sector. 


However, as the issue of environmental sustainability is emerging as increasingly important also for the Textile-Clothing sector, among the development trends for the sector many are oriented towards making a significant contribution to respond to this need. An exhibition forum will be set up as part of the Innovation Area, which, in this edition, will focus on bio-materials and their applications in the clothing sector. In the Forum there will therefore be textile materials with low environmental impact, as they are biodegradable or deriving from bio-masses (ie bio-based). 


Companies exhibiting in the Innovation Area:




Chargeurs*PCC is part of a French Multinational Group with a 150-year-old history of industrial and commercial activities. During the decades, we have developed a comprehensive interlining range for the most sophisticated needs of the garment industry in menswear, ladieswear and shirts, with a particular focus on sustainability and on high-performing materials. 

In this regard, we would like to share with you the new acceleration that our Group has made towards Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. In fact, we are presenting our S360 range, which includes and expands our previous range of products based on recycled yarns and bio-sourced raw materials. And even more: these articles are mainly manufactured in our factory in France for a still more dramatic reduction of your and our "carbon footprint". 




Centrocot is a certification and research center for companies throughout the textile,apparel and fashion production chain by providing specialized services such as laboratory testing, research, technical support, experimentation, training and certification.

Founded in Busto Arsizio (Varese, Italy) in 1987, Centrocot today employs over 100 people and is recognized as an excellence in the industry. With more than 500 ACCREDIA accredited tests and a highly qualified staff, it is one of the most authoritative references in Italy for sustainability, quality, chemical safety, innovation, certification and circular economy. Centrocot is also a Notified Body of the European Commission for the control of protective clothing and gloves for CE certification (notification 0624).




It has been operating successfully for over 87 years in the textile niche of nets and yarns manufacturing. Production at the current headquarters in Paderno Franciacorta is organized in a vertical structure with cutting edge technological equipment and has been diversified to include all knotted and knotless synthetic fiber nets; industrial sewing threads and braids for apparel, leather goods, and footwear; technical yarns for weaving, ribbon production, furnishings fabrics and industrial uses; ropes and laces.

Of particular interest are Fashion Nets, made also with recycled yarns, which have been extraordinarily successful among all well-known international designers for sophisticated applications in fashionable garments and accessories. They are offered in several types, dyed in trendy or customers’ colors , embroidered and printed or treated with personalized finishes.




Daykem srl has been synonymous with professionalism and competence in the chemical industry since 1958, supporting customers in the study of the processing techniques of their items. It produces in-house chemical auxiliary products for the textile supply chain and is a Reach compliant importer. Over the years, Daykem has evolved by putting sustainability at the center more and more: it is certified Uni en ISO 9001: 2015 and signed the Greenpeace Commitment Detox in 2016, constantly striving to eliminate dangerous substances from production cycle. Most Daykem products have now obtained GOTS approval and are in the process of being certified for ZDHC level 3. Our technicians constantly support customers in the analysis and testing of products on fabrics, seeking the best solution according to the specific requests of each.




Founded in 1949 as a twisting company specialized in the production of silk yarns, GHEZZI SPA has followed over the years all the technological evolutions that have led to the advent of artificial and synthetic fibers, continuously innovating its plants and expanding its structure and its own organization.

Double twisting, covering, assembling, twist&texturizing and reparation for dyeing cones: these are the main technologies and processes that today Ghezzi SpA is able to carry out for the production of mainly continuous filament twisted, stretch and fancy yarns for outwear , curtains and furnishings. To these is added the most recent and promising production of yarns for medical use and multicomponents for technical fabrics and for industrial uses.




Production of technical fabrics for the fashion, sportswear, footwear, military and workwear markets. The production, intended both as weaving and knitted fabrics, makes use of synthetic fibers (polypropylene, polyamide, high tenacity polyamide, polyester, also in the stretch versions), natural (cotton, linen), artificial (viscose) as well as the more technical ones used for personal protective equipment (aramid, also mixed with Flame Retardant viscose, modacrylic-cotton). The fabrics produced are also subjected to special finishing processes designed according to the final use of the product such as: laminations with polyurethane and PTFE membranes, polyurethane-based resin finishes, fireproof, hydro, oil and blood-repellent finishes, various types of bonding . The production process is in according with the requirements of Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®, Class II for items in direct contact with the skin and the company has a regular license to use the brand.




Pozzi Electa has been expressing the excellence of Made in Italy in ring cotton spinning for 5 generations, through a zero-impact, rigorous and highly specialized production process, carried out entirely in Italy, Val Seriana.

The self-production of electricity from renewable sources grants a low environmental impact of the entire production line.

Our attention to the environment also involves the selection of raw materials, both noble and recycled. We choose suppliers of global significance, with trackable productions aimed at ensuring their non-involvement in labor and environmental exploitation.

The Pozzi Electa Collection includes a range of ring “Ecoyarns” produced with sustainable, recycled or natural raw materials: in particular we offer our NYLON BIO yarn, made with staple Nylon 6.6 characterized by a rapid biodegradation process; our CRABYON yarn produced with chitin-chitosan deriving from recycling of the shellfish carapace, which confer antibacterial properties, and other proposals available on our website.

In addition, we have recently obtained the GRS Certification (Global Recycle Standard), with which we guarantee our company's adherence to a sustainable production and consumption model. Our fibers currently involved in the GRS Certification are Cupro, Silk, Polyester, Cotton and Nylon, available as yarn as well as rovings and slivers.




With approximately 3,100 employees, sales revenue of EUR 1,019 million in 2020 and a network of production and sales sites located throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia, RadiciGroup is one of the world’s leading producers of a wide range of chemical intermediates, polyamide polymers, high performance engineering polymers and advanced textile solutions, including nylon and polyester yarns, nonwovens and personal protective equipment for the healthcare field. 

Among RadiciGroup's low-impact products for the textile industry:

  • Renycle®, made from recovered and recycled Nylon 6. It maintains excellent technical characteristics of strength, dyeing, softness and versatility.
  • Repetable®, polyester yarn obtained from post-consumer recycling of PET bottles. It is environmentally friendly, especially in its raw and solution-dyed versions. It comprises a wide range of versatile and sustainable high-performance fibres, with a great selection of additives and colours for applications in a variety of sectors, such as apparel, automotive and interior.
  • Biofeel, the range of bio-based products, includes: Biofeel PA 6.10, with similar characteristics to fossil-source polyamides but 64% derived from castor beans; Biofeel PET, 30% derived from sugar cane and cellulosic waste; Biofeel PLA, derived from agricultural waste, is 100% bio-sourced and 100% biodegradable.

These products are the result of the Group’s outstanding chemical expertise and vertically integrated polyamide production chain and have been developed for use in a variety of industrial sectors, such as: automotive – electrical and electronics – consumer goods – apparel – furnishings – construction – household appliances – sports. The basis of the Group’s strategy is a strong focus on innovation, quality, customer satisfaction and social and environmental sustainability. With its business areas – Specialty Chemicals, High Performance Polymers and Advanced Textile Solutions –, RadiciGroup is part of a larger industrial group that also includes textile machinery (ITEMA), energy (GEOGREEN) and hotel (SAN MARCO) businesses. 




Sitip Spa, an Italian leading textile company founded in 1959, today is one of the major warp knitting companies in Europe, engineering technical fabrics for multiple markets and end-uses:

  1. High-performance fabrics for active & urban-wear.
  2. Hook-receptive fabrics for mechanical-fastening systems for personal care,  abrasives , in orthopedics, apparel , upholstery , footwear
  3. Technical carrier textiles for Coating & Bonding for industrial, apparel and footwear 
  4. Bonded fabrics  for Footwear , Helmets lining , orthopedics , industrial applications




Company producer of the WINDTEX@ membrane: a thermoregulator which, beside protecting from water and wind and keeping unaltered the microclimate between body and fabric, is also elastic and light.

Windtex i also well known for the Storm Shield@ system designed to mantain heat, promote the highest breathability and protect from the elements. 

We offer a wide range of sustainable membranes and laminated products which are Global Recycled Standard certificated.