Textile Innovation on show at Milano Unica

MU36 Innovation Area

For years now, the opinion has been established that technological innovation, spread in a synergistic way both along the supply chain and in collateral services, is fundamental for the development of the Textile Clothing sector. Responding to this growing need, TexClubTec - the Technical and Innovative Textiles section of Sistema Moda Italia - presents, in the Innovation Area, an articulated vision of both the various applications of innovative, functional and technical textiles and the potential of new technologies for the sector. 


Thanks to the presence of companies, representing the entire production chain, from raw materials to the finished product, and suppliers of cutting-edge technologies and processes, an articulated path of technological study on digitization, 3D printing and augmented reality will be possible for the textile-clothing sector, as well as to have a vision of the most important innovation trends on textile materials. 

In the Exhibition Forum, for this edition focused on

From nanoparticles to the Metaverse: Technological innovation for fashion.


it will be possible to range from the potential of using Graphene in textiles to yarns made with sustainable raw materials, from innovative fabrics for Urbanwear and Athleisure to the extension of the Upcycling concept in the padding sector, to new developments in the sector of nets, lamination, finishing, thermo-adhesive fabrics for reflective labels, etc.  


Profile of the Companies exhibiting in the Innovation Area:


CENTROCOT  - Hall 8, Stand n. INNOV.06


Centrocot is a certification and research center for companies throughout the textile,apparel and fashion production chain by providing specialized services such as laboratory testing, research, technical support, experimentation, training and certification. 

Founded in Busto Arsizio (Varese, Italy) in 1987, Centrocot today employs over 100 people and is recognized as an excellence in the industry. With more than 500 ACCREDIA accredited tests and a highly qualified staff, it is one of the most authoritative references in Italy for sustainability, quality, chemical safety, innovation, certification and circular economy. Centrocot is also a Notified Body of the European Commission for the control of protective clothing and gloves for CE certification (notification 0624). 

Centrocot is the only Italian body authorized to issue OEKO-TEX® certifications. 


CITTADINI – Hall 8, Stand n. INNOV.03 


Cittadini spa has been successfully operating for over 90 years in the textile niche of net and yarn manufacturing. In the current plant of Paderno Franciacorta, the production, vertically integrated with technologically advanced systems based on Industry 4.0, includes all knotted, knotless and spaced 3D nets, made with the latest generation of synthetic fibres for the industrial, fashion, automotive, furnishing and aquaculture sectors; industrial sewing threads and braids for clothing, leather goods and footwear; technical yarns for weaving and ribbon factories, furnishing fabrics and industrial uses; braids and ropes.  

Coherent in the implementation of a "green philosophy" in its production processes, with a view to total sustainability and circular economy, Cittadini has strongly invested in Research and Development of process and product technologies with an increasingly reduced environmental impact, with self-production of electricity from renewable sources. In this context, it has obtained ISO 14.001 Environmental Certification.  

Today Cittadini proudly presents its most innovative products made with recycled and GRS 4.0 (Global Recycle Standard) certified fibres, which maintain high performance technical characteristics. Among these, the Green Fashion Nets are of particular interest. They are woven with recycled yarn, which guarantee excellent performance. Proposed in different finishing, like all Fashion Nets, dyed in trendy or custom colours, or with special treatment, they are enjoying extraordinary success also in their recycled version among all the most famous international stylists, for sophisticated applications in clothes and accessories. Thanks to this policy of total quality, continuous innovation and social and environmental sustainability, Cittadini has conquered the main world markets in its sectors, where it exports over 65% of its turnover.  


DIRECTA PLUS – Hall 8, stand n. INNOV.09 


Directa Plus is one of the largest producers and suppliers of graphene nanoplatelets-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets worldwide.  

Using a flexible and scalable manufacturing model, Directa Plus produces a pure and high-performance material called G+® Graphene Plus from natural graphite. Directa Plus has a unique and patented, chemical-free production process that transforms every gram of natural graphite into a gram of G+® Graphene Plus. 

G+® Graphene Plus can be incorporated into fabrics through four different technologies:  

  • G+® Planar Thermal Circuit® is a functional print that can be applied to any type of fabric, obtaining a circuit with thermal, antimicrobial and antistatic features;
  • Polyurethane membranes enhanced G+® Graphene Plus is a self-standing or combined with a PTFE membrane.  G+® membranes can be also laminated onto different type of fabrics;
  • G+® Dyeing is a water-based impregnation treatment containing G+®;
  • G+® Coating is a special water-based coating enhanced with G+®.

Directa Plus has 43 certificates reporting the absence of negative impacts of G+® grades on biological system. Moreover, the G+® textile technologies are certified as ZDHC, ECOPASSPORT, Dermatologically Tested and Hypoallergenic.   


EXTREME - Hall 8, Stand n. INNOV.04 


Founded in 1994, Extreme Srl is a consolidated reality in the most technical textile sector, which offers its own “REFLECTIVE SOLUTIONS®” range, as fabrics, thermoadhesive labels made from the REFLECTIVE materials.  

For years, we have developed other product lines, such as graphic transfers and injection molded and high frequency accessories. All the design phases, both graphic and technical, are developed by internal qualified staff.  

As the latest novelty, Extreme offers rubberizing processes performed on ribbons and coulisses, the "GUMMY" effect of the company. Extreme’s products or raw materials used meet the strict regulatory standards and are monitored with independent tests.  

Extreme’s ability in Research & Development, guarantees any type of customized solution, from the choice of materials to the finished product. 


IMBOTEX  - Hall 8, Stand n. INNOV.02 


Founded in 1955 and based in Cittadella, Imbotex Srl is an Italian leading manufacturer of natural, recycled and technological textile PADDINGS. The company is organized into two divisions: paddings for Bedding and Furnishings and paddings/high performance insulations for Fashion, Sportswear and Workwear. These two sectors operate in synergy with each other, thanks to an ongoing exchange of manufacturing technologies and know-how. 

The company maintains a strong grip on its roots, operating in an area characterized by a lengthy tradition of manufacturing excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, while remaining open to ongoing dialogue with other international businesses and markets, partners, customers and suppliers 

The entirely female entrepreneurial dynamism has in recent years directed the company strategy to the production of entirely Made in Italy textile products, enhancing the potential of natural materials thanks to a continuous search for new technologies. 

The company philosophy is today based on the concept of Upcycling, a process according to which the materials destined to be discarded are used to create new products of greater value, both from the point of view of thermal insulation and sustainability. 

In 2019 was founded Imbotex Lab. The new branch combines advanced insulations functionality with Circular Economy and sustainability contents.  

Imbotex Lab has patented a process based on innovative technologies, divided into three steps: the first step consists in the collection of discarded virgin material scraps and in the sorting for different colors, in the second step the materials are transformed through an entirely mechanical process into very fine fibers, finally the process ends with the mixing of other fibers such as recycled polyester (or PLA for a natural and sustainable alternative) and finally the creation of the padding. 


IT.TECH – Hall 8, Stand n. INNOV.10 


Production of technical fabrics for the fashion, sportswear, footwear, military and workwear markets. The production, intended both as weaving and knitted fabrics, makes use of synthetic fibers (polypropylene, polyamide, high tenacity polyamide, polyester, also in the stretch versions), natural (cotton, linen), artificial (viscose) as well as the more technical ones used for personal protective equipment (aramid, also mixed with Flame Retardant viscose, modacrylic-cotton).  

The fabrics produced are also subjected to special finishing processes designed according to the final use of the product such as: laminations with polyurethane and PTFE membranes, polyurethane-based resin finishes, fireproof, hydro, oil and blood-repellent finishes, various types of bonding .  

The production process is in according with the requirements of Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®, Class II for items in direct contact with the skin and the company has a regular license to use the brand. 


NOVARESIN – Hall 8, stand n. INNOV.05 


Novaresin S.p.A. is a textile finishing company able to treat any type of fabric. The major processes performed are COATING, HOT MELT Lamination and FOAM Lamination, production of FUNCTIONAL MEMBRANE. We develop new proposals together with our customers and enable them to carry out standard production. Our skills ranging from fireproof finishes to high water resistance and breathable lamination. We also supply the layers that the customer requires in lamination such as knitted fabric and membranes. 

We work with the most famous fashion brands all over the world and create new ideas and innovations every year. 


OKTEX DEL PUNTO  – Hall 8, Stand n. INNOV.07 


Oktex del Punto, S.L. is specialized in the research and development of new weft knitted fabrics mainly for swimwear, realized with Polyamide and Polyester fabrics with elastane. We are committed both to the quality of our fabrics and the protection of the environment. OEKOTEX and GRS certified. 

A new printed fabrics collection is designed and developed every year to keep up with current trends. Using the most advanced inkjet printing machines in the market. We also produce a long range of solid colours available in several qualities. 

Tailored and adapted products to meet the customer needs. Several weights, hand feels, stretch and applications such as linings and outside fabrics. All our fabrics are produced "in the house". From knitting and dyeing to printing processes. Our fabrics have UF50+ protection and follow the REACH requirements. 

We improve our processes and products everyday. Latest technologies to offer the best products while caring for the environment.  

Fast and direct customer service. International export. European quality. 




Penn Italia (PI) was founded in 1987 and is a partner company to Penn Textile Solutions GmbH (PTS).  

Penn Italia oversees the creativity, development and marketing aspects of the group, under the ethos of “Created in Italy and Engineered in Germany”. 

Penn Italia’s own product offer is driven by offering maximum flexibility to its customers, tailored to market and customer needs. 

This offer includes: 

  • Atelier del Tulle – a wide range of net and powermesh fabrics with extensive colour ranges available from stock
  • Molding: six molding machines in all cup sizes
  • Print and flock collections
  • Collaboration with a local dyer to create smaller dye lots
  • Basici – a collection of competitively sourced classic fabrics, for example cotton Lycra.

POZZI ELECTA SPA – Hall 8, Stand n. INNOV.13 


Pozzi Electa has been producing ring cotton yarns of excellence for over a century, through a strict selection of raw materials, worked with the highest craftmanship in the historic factory in Val Seriana. 

Extra-long staple Cottons, ultrafine Kashmir and Wools, natural fibers such as Linen, Hemp and Silk go side by side d with artificial fibers (such as Ecovero Viscose, Micromodal, Lyocell Tencel) and synthetic fibers (such as Nylon with enhanced biodegradability and Recycled Polyester) with advanced technical properties. 

The Pozzi Electa ring yarn collection includes items that stand out from the more traditional or mass-production offers, and guarantee very high standard of quality, research, and unique effects. 

The flexibility of the production allows the company to develop targeted projects according to customers’ needs, also offering semi-finished products like ribbons and slivers. 

Sustainability for Pozzi Electa represents an essential guidance. The self-production of electricity from renewable sources, the choice of recycled fibers or fibers deriving from eco-sustainable processes, the utmost attention to welfare: these are just some of the commitments that the company pursues with consistency and dedication. 

The GRS and BCI certifications are a further step that guarantees Pozzi Electa's adherence to a sustainable production and consumption paradigm.


RETELIT  -  Hall 8, Stand n. INNOV.11 


Retelit is the Italian leader in constructing tailor-made digital transformation projects, executed on entirely Group-managed platforms. 

In our 20 years we have been the ideal partner for enterprises, the public sector and operators seeking to tackle head-on the challenges of innovation, thanks to a range which covers the entire value chain of ICT and digitalization services. 

We help companies of textile, technical textile and apparel industries in the Digital Transformation process through cutting-edge technologies, solid process expertise, consulting skills and highest levels of personalization. 

With our just MES solution, companies are able to improve their daily workflow through new product development, production planning and monitoring, and finished product quality control. 




Sense - immaterial Reality is a digital company focusing on the development of projects, experiences and products that exploit the skills acquired in the use of Immaterial Reality technology by its group of professionals in over ten years of experience. Immaterial Reality is an evolution of Augmented Reality, characterized by the perfect fusion between physical reality and photorealistic virtual reality; its use allows companies to acquire competitive advantages such as lower costs, fewer trips and the possibility of quickly reaching new customers. Sense's mission is to develop new integrated interactions with existing business systems to help manage business remotely – also in the emerging Metaverse - in important sectors such as Fashion & Lifestyle, Events & Advertising, Art & Culture. Sense is a leader in the textile world, where it marked a turning point with the development of the Sense Fabric Platform, the first integrated solution for the dematerialisation, digitalisation and simulation of fabric collections - both physical and digital - adopted by the most important companies in the sector. Sense helps companies in the textile, fashion and design world in their digital transformation by proposing complete and innovative solutions and experiences thanks to the use of the latest technologies and highly photorealistic digital twins.  


SITIP – Hall 8, Stand n. INNOV.01 


Sitip is an Italian company specialized inthe production of synthetic warp knitted fabrics for technical end uses, and stretch and circular knitted fabrics for apparel. In particular, the last ones are intended for sportswear and urbanwear and are able to combine technical performance and intrinsic quality of production and sustainability, thanks to the concrete commitment to innovative and sustainable production processes, as well as to research and development.

Sitip has further reinforced its ties to cycling and the expertise of over 60 years in the production of highly technical fabrics, becoming Official Supplier of the Giro d'Italia since 2014, with the supply of fabrics for the Maglia Rosa. 

Over time, technical fabrics have been used not only in the world of sports but also in fashion and “athleisure” collections, where sports and leisure meet. 

At Milano Unica, Sitip presents COSMOPOLITAN Fashion tech, a line of fabrics dedicated to contemporary urbanwear style and which perfectly meets the new performance and design needs. For men, Sitip presents COSMOPOLITAN Fashion-tech fabrics for the creation of men's suits, jacket + trousers and shirt in warp-knit fabric; for women, on the other hand, COSMOPOLITAN Fashion-tech fabrics are dedicated to athleisure, specifically for the creation of leggings and knitwear. 

Some items in the collection are NATIVE Sustainable Textiles, i.e. fabrics produced with recycled yarns and chemicals with low environmental impact with a lower consumption of natural resources. 

Sustainable development is a fundamental objective for ever greater environmental quality and social equity. To achieve this, Sitip operates in line with international certifications such as OEKO-TEX®, BLUESIGN®, GRS and joins the ZDHC gateway, adding to these an ISO 14001 environmental management system. 

SITIP exports throughout Europe, Central and North America, Asia. 


STRATASYS  – Hall 8, stand n. INNOV.08 


Stratasys is a reliable, long standing company with an innovative spirit that has been market leader in 3D printing since its inception, we are the only company with direct-to-textile 3D printing technology. Stratasys has already enabled designers around the world to produce some truly stunning pieces that simply could not have been created with traditional tailoring methods. 

At Milano Unica, Stratasys will present the 3D Stratasys TechStyle™ printer allowing: 

  • For the first time ever, 3D algorithms can be printed direct-to-textile, creating fascinating illusions with color and light.
  • a new level of design freedom, for personalization and customization, in low-volume production, with seamless integration and minimum downtime.
  • To choose a virtually limitless color palette to choose from, with over 600K available colors and Pantone Validated™ pallets in both matte and glossy finishes. Your required print area can be designated on a stretch of fabric up to 2m2. The printer’s cabinet holds 7 cartridges for materials, from vivid colors to full transparency that will support any design, including textures with both rigid and flexible materials.
  • The vast array of colors and material properties, from rigid to flexible and opaque to transparent, will eliminate the need for multiple processes to create unique volumetric colorful designs on textile and garments.
  • to print directly onto textiles as well as used garments for repurposing. 3D models for fashion accessories, such as buttons, cufflinks and bag clips, can also be printed, to a maximum height of 50mm.

WINDTEX VAGOTEX SPA – Hall, 8, Stand n. INNOV.14 


Windtex Vagotex is an historical company in the lamination and coupling sector and production of waterproof membranes. During the nineties developed an elastic membrane: Windtex®, followed later by other equal innovative materials, among which, the best known is Storm Shield@.  

Over time, it has developed new membranes with increasingly extreme performances such as Windtex Pro for outdoor sports,  Windtex Color combining technical and aesthetic features and above all a new line of sustainable membranes: Windtex biobased  and LS BIO from renewable sources, Windtex ECO and LS ECO produced without solvents and Windtex recycled from industrial waste, as well as compostable solutions developed by our R&D laboratory. 

In addition to the products just mentioned, Windtex Vagotex has a wide range of coupled products certified by Global Recycled Standard.