The materials of Milano Unica Tendenze for Spring-Summer 2024 are in line with the themes. An eclectic approach, both in terms of the mix of fibers used and the colors, with color contrasts and unusual combinations.



The fabrics show special attention to the color palettes, with sophisticated nuances, at times ethereal and soft.

The idea of desert, tone-on-tone, animalier prints has been embraced and developed on multiple bases, from shirting to jerseys. Jerseys and knits feature fluidity and are offered in different weights and very soft hands.

A new concept of lightness has been introduced by wool mills and shirtmakers, in different weights suitable for comfort wear.

Luminosities were developed in iridescent, metallic and pearl tones in a wide range of finishes.

Stitching effects emphasizing "tailored" techniques were used to design checks and stripes in a sophisticated, slightly three-dimensional key.

Contrasts are light, interpreted with windowed transparencies or shiny and matt macro blocks, in tone-on-tone designs with contrasting lurex inserts or fil coupé with micro accents.

The designs are macro, for both jacket and shirt weights, abstract, irregular and ethereal.

The 3D perspective, which was a key feature of previous seasons, is slimmed down and applied to lightweight fabrics and pleated volumes with transparent effects.

Embroideries feature linear geometric designs, while macramé and jacquard laces are treated with metallic films.

Stripes, a recurring and fully explored element in this edition, are also developed on accessories, playing with lurex pinstripes.

Coatings also emphasize the profiles of the zippers, with both shiny and matt effects, and buttons and tags reflect the same effect of brightness. Mother-of-pearl effects along with shiny and brushed galvanized metal predominate.

The focus on women represented in this theme confirms the frostings and sheens, which when  combined with the windowed transparencies enhance the softness of the color palette.



The color chart is bold, strong and energetic, with color blocks characterized by contrasting volumes.

A "scuffed" and "worn" baroque style inspires prints and jacquards. Silk shirts are printed, featuring contrasting elements with bold hues, eccentric designs and macro volumes. 

Fluidity is a key characteristic in jerseys, knits and cottons, enhanced by the combination of heavy weights for jackets and outerwear also featuring rustic or frosted yarns.

Damask as well as chintz are crisp and feature macro lurex patterns.

Padded and matelassé textiles come in strong colors and jacquards present patterned yarns to create an eccentric mix and match.

Embroidery, macramé and lace feature sparkling hues. Carvings and lasered effects were obtained with super gloss lacquers.

Accessories emphasize the need for volume and extravagance, and so feature multicolored tulle ruffles and rouches, bright jacquard ribbons and oversize zippers and buttons.

Patchwork was used in both fabrics and accessories, mixing volumes, techniques and colors for an unusual result.

The focus on women represented in this theme presents exaggerated volumes and contrasts, creating an eccentric and lavish effect.



This is a surrealist theme with less strong hues, exalting vitaminic tones and pastels. 

The atmosphere is abstract, featuring curved and rounded volumes that inspire the graphics, print designs and jacquards.

Shirting is striped, with watercolor effects, shading, alternating or micro and macro effects. 

Jacket and outerwear weights come in bouclé or otherwise silky and shiny patterned yarns; cottons are lighter, thanks to special washing techniques, and prints feature overdyed effects.

Vichy, similarly to checks, were developed in line with the color palette, creating new combinations. Camouflages are digital, ergonomic and come in print, jacquard and even fil coupé variants.

Finishing effects feature “wear and tear” or lasered or embroidered frays, while designs for macramé and lace appliqués are floating.

Light padding enhances the proposal with fluid or rounded volumes. 

Organzas are iridescent and shaded in hue gradation.

The accessories include buttons with a natural look, but also with iridescent effects; the same for labels and patches, while zippers are printed.

The focus on women represented in this theme by the participating companies presents shaded effects, stripes, shading and watercolor effects. Purple notes are predominating.


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