Simone Canclini is the new President of Milano Unica

The 38th edition of Milano Unica, held at the beginning of February, closed with very gratifying results, confirming the strong international interest in high-end Made-in-Italy fabrics and accessories.


During the opening ceremony attended by Adolfo Urso, the Italian Minister of Businesses and Made-in-Italy Manufacturing, the outgoing President Alessandro Barberis Canonico passed the baton to his successor Simone Canclini


Simone Canclini is President of Fondazione del Tessile Italiano and CEO of his same-name company founded in 1925 in the Como silk district and specializing in the production of luxury fabrics. For Milano Unica, Simone Canclini represents a guarantee of excellence and continuity of an ongoing commitment to the growth of the textiles and accessories market in the premium and luxury segment.

Passion, flexibility, research, quality, creativity and sustainability have always been the pillar values of Canclini Tessile, a company approaching its 100th anniversary.

Undoubtedly, these are the same values of Milano Unica, which considers the central role played by the combination of tradition and innovation key for ensuring the trade show as one of the most important events for entrepreneurs operating in the sector. 


At the opening ceremony, President Canclini emphasized two fundamental aspects that reflect Milano Unica’s success today:


"The first aspect relates to our exhibitors: small, medium and large enterprises, yet highly selected. These are entrepreneurs with a great passion that enabled them to navigate the crisis by leveraging their re-inventing potential.

The second aspect refers to our visitors, namely the customers of the best companies in the industry, who come to visit Milano Unica because they know they find collections of great quality."


The new President's first words testify to the promise of an ongoing success. Milano Unica remains the benchmark trade show of high-end textiles and fashion accessories designed, organized and led by high-level entrepreneurs.



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