Established in 1972, the history of the woolen mill Raphael started in an industrial shed in Valsessera, a small town in the Piedmont region, with a very long and steadily growing woolen tradition.

Today, Raphael is a reference point for major international brands thanks to a team that is constantly focused on researching innovative and quality fabrics; studying trends, and specially oriented towards satisfying customer needs in terms of style.
The production of apparel fabrics ranges from wool, cashmere, alpaca, angora, and mohair yarns to silk and cotton in weights that span from 150 g to 1,000 g per meter.


The Company specializes in the manufacturing of double opening, stretch, natural stretch, coated, leno, and jacquard fabrics.


Raphael has always paid a great deal of attention to sustainability, meant also as enhancement of the territory and its natural resources.IMG_4611 GIMP.JPG
 Sustainable patterned tweeds are the most innovative products of the Company’s SS/23 collection.

Sustainability is reflected in the search for innovative materials and experimentation with special treatments applied to fabrics to obtain compact and crease-resistant, shiny or matt effects, technical and "raw" hands, and, in some cases, high-natural stretch without using elastane.     


Both the product and the corresponding production process are GOTS-RWS-GRS-FSC certified.

The impalpable fabrics and the extra-light transparencies recall Eco Resort, one of the themes proposed for the Milano Unica Tendenze, while the proposals of waterproof, compact and shiny materials evoke the journey represented in the Eco Yacht theme.            


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