The world of textiles under the lens of innovation and sustainability

RadiciGroup is an international leader in the textile sector, particularly specialized in the production of polyamides, synthetic fibers and engineering polymers.  The company is 100% Italian and strongly determined to face the challenges of everyday life effectively, while keeping pace with a rapidly growing market. With more than 50 years of experience, 7 production sites for engineering polymers and a global sales network, RadiciGroup stands for tradition, experience, people and passion. RadiciGroup’s story began with Pietro Radici, first and foremost a man with a strong passion and great intuition, the founder of a company that quickly achieved international success. Today, RadiciGroup has an international reputation and a 360° control of the supply chain.  


Which is the most innovative product of your A/W 22-23 collection?
On the occasion of the 33rd edition of Milano Unica, RadiciGroup presented its line of innovative and sustainable yarns: Renycle®, Repetable® and Biofeel®.  

Innovation is an integral part of the research and development of new, high-performance and sustainable materials

What characteristics make it innovative?
Innovation is an integral part of the research and development of new, high-performance and sustainable materials. Innovation is certainly also an integral part of our new collection of yarns: Renycle® features yarns that originate from the recycling of nylon 6; Repetable® uses a polyester yarn derived from PET bottles and Biofeel® selects raw materials from renewable sources.


Is it a sustainable product?

Renycle® is obtained from recycled nylon 6; production waste obtained from recycling and recovery is converted into polymers and then into yarns with technical performance characteristics that are perfectly suitable for clothing.

Waste conversion eliminates the need for new raw material, while Renycle® technological value and performance remain unchanged over time, so there is no waste into the environment.

The energy used in the production of the Renycle® polymer is entirely green, as it comes from renewable sources.

Our Renycle® products offer a lot: compared to the standard PA6 polymer, they contribute to an 87.4% energy saving (Global Energy Requirement, MJ/kg), while emissions are cut by 89.3% (Global Warming Potential GWP100, kg CO2 eq.). Lastly, water consumption is reduced by 90.4% (Potential Water Deprivation, m³)*.

Renycle® is the ideal solution for all those sectors that require both creativity and high performance. Applications are diversified: Activewear, Underwear, Hosiery, Technical apparel, Outerwear and Beachwear.

It is GRS certified by ICEA: [GRS 2019-141] and also Oekotex® Standard 100.

*Data obtained from internal evaluations, as part of the EPD certification process.


Repetable® is a yarn made from a post-consumer recycled polymer (PET bottles) that is environmentally friendly, especially in the raw and solution-dyed versions.

This is a wide range of sustainable, versatile and high-performance polyester fibers that offer multiple possibilities in terms of additives, dyeing and applications. Also, RadiciGroup guarantees production even for small batches and customization in terms of yarn counts, filaments and technical characteristics.

Repetable® is the ideal solution where creativity and high performance make a difference. Applications are diversified: Fashion, Underwear, Sportswear, Furniture and Outdoor.

It is certified by ICEA [GRS 2018 - 044] [GRS 2018 - 045] and also Oekotex® Standard 100.

Our Repetable® products offer a lot: compared to standard yarn-dyed polyester, they contribute to a 60.0% energy saving (Cumulative Energy Demand, CED - MJ per Kg), lower CO2 emissions by 45.0% (Global Warming Potential GWP100, kg CO2 eq.) and water consumption by 90.0% (Water Consumption, liters per Kg.)*.

* Data obtained from internal assessments as part of the EPD certification process. Energy data based on the Italian energy mix.


Biofeel® PET is a sustainable, bio-based

yarn developed by RadiciGroup from

renewable resources.

The synthesis of BIO-MEG starts from

renewable sources, such as sugar cane and cellulose waste, and is an alternative to fossil-based MEG. Waste-to-energy plants convert biomass into green chemicals: sugar extracted from sugar cane is refined and sent to the fermentation process. The fermenting sugars produce bio-ethanol. Ethanol is later converted to ethylene and then to monoethylene glycol. Bio-MEG is not a competitive alternative to food biomass.


Biofeel® PET is obtained from a polymerization process combining 70% PTA and 30% bio-MEG. Biofeel® PET is therefore 30% bio-based. Bio-sourcing is evidence of our commitment to protecting the environment and reducing the use fossil fuels.

Biofeel® PET is the same as standard PET, because it has the same chemical structure. Similarly to the fossil-based equivalent, durability is its worthiest characteristic. It comes in different combinations of counts and filaments, textures, solution-dyed, and yarn-dyed. Fast customer service and extensive experience in dyeing are guaranteed by our dedicated team.

Biofeel® PET is chemically identical to the PET standard. This is why it can be successfully recycled through normal recycling methods, while the applications coincide with those of the fossil-based version.  


Will you develop a dedicated communication project? 
RadiciGroup has launched a dedicated news on all of the Group’s social media channels.

To which buyer would you recommend these new products? 
RadiciGroup pays special attention to and targets producers of fabrics and knits, with a broad offering of successful products suitable for menswear / womenswear /childrenswear and sportswear. The new RadiciGroup family of yarns is the fruit of ongoing experimentation and research, and each yarn meets specific performance requirements, depending on its intended application. Renycle® is designed for applications requiring a high level of creativity and dynamism (Activewear, Underwear, Hosiery, Technical apparel, Outerwear and Beachwear). Repetable® is particularly suitable for the Fashion, Underwear, Sportswear, Furnishing and Outdoor segments. Bio-based Biofeel® is resistant and can be produced not only in a variety of count and filament combinations, but also in textured, solution-dyed and yarn-dyed versions.

To learn more about the new RadiciGroup line of sustainable and innovative yarns, let’s meet on e-MilanoUnica Connect.