A reference point for stretch fabrics

Established in 1908 in Feltre, in the province of Belluno, Piave Maitex evolved its tradition of stretch fabric manufacturing over time while remaining true to its initial mission. The wooden loom used at the beginning was replaced by successive generations of increasingly advanced machines, in order to continue producing innovative stretch fabrics that meet the needs of our demanding clientele.  

Initially, the company’s key business was machine embroidery. Over time, the company increased its product range to include stretch fabrics, ribbons, flounces and wraps, along with lace and embroidery. Today, the old Piave Maitex sample books are genuine relics of the history of Italian textile culture.

Today, Piave Maitex is one of Europe’s main producers of stretch fabrics. The company’s flexibility proved essential in adapting to market changes driven by successive trends and the company's business vision enabled it to maintain a competitive edge while expanding in the market of reference.


Which is the most innovative product of your A/W 22/23 collection?
YETI-TEX is our flagship product, the "plush" line of fabrics made with innovative textile solutions. This is our Art. 6531 for sports and outdoor activities: no limitation of use.


What characteristics make it innovative?
The product presents exceptional features, including thermoregulation, light weight, breathability, shape and grip. Unlike other fabrics, the features do not derive from finishing treatments but are instead the result of an optimal combination of elements: first and foremost, the selection of yarns and the special construction of the



Is it a sustainable product?
The polyester yarns used for the manufacturing of our Art. 6531 are 2 different counts and only one seems to be available today in a recycled version. We are clearly open to following this path. As known, we did the same with our AGAIN line, which is composed of fabrics produced exclusively with recycled yarns. 


Do you have a dedicated communication campaign for this product?

Yes, of course. For more information, we recommend reading our brochure ​​​


What buyers is it addressed to?

This fabric, called YETI-TEX, is our top of the line and was designed for outdoor use. In terms of sustainability, its furry/plush effect is entirely achieved by a special knitting technique (free end) that excludes other industrial processing, such as brushing and the like, and this is the most interesting aspect, as it results in critical energy savings. The main features of this fabric are light weight and comfort, calibrated stretchability that allows freedom of movement without excessive compression, thermoregulation without overheating even during the performance of training/physical activity, and breathability. The Lycra used is also Cradle To Cradle Gold certified.


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