For more than 50 years, Nuova Tessilbrenta has been engaged in research aimed at offering new fibers and new production processes for the production of perfectly constructed, high-performance flat cottons.

This makes the company an ideal partner for the most demanding clients, the design teams of the most celebrated maisons, who increasingly seek exclusivity and high-performance fabrics for their creations.


The company’s extensive experience translates into a versatile product offering.
Nuova Tessilbrenta’s proposals for S/S 2023 are the outcome of different ideas and macro-themes, connected by a common thread: innovation.

The most innovative product family is definitely the TECH-UP Capsule Collection: an array of technical high-performance textiles, a collection that fuses Active Sport and Urban Fashion. Comfort and style are astutely combined to create unisex and childrenswear outfits ideal for everyday urban living. Quality is ensured by the research and development of the most advanced raw materials and yarns, delivering functionality coupled with maximum comfort.

The fabrics are sophisticated and can be worn at any time: from home to work, on shopping trips and for travel, for a sit-down formal dinner or a spin on a bike. Special constructions and fibers, like blends of Nylon-Polyester Mélange, Taslanized Polyester, Spiral Nylon, Corespun T400, Tencel by Lenzing (Lyocell made from sustainable resources) and Coolmax are skillfully juxtaposed, coupling contemporary looks with a high-quality product that will last over time. 
Waterproof, Windproof, Water repellence, Stretch Recovery, Easy care, Fast drying, Easy   ironing, Low-crease, Freshness, Moisture Wicking and breathability are the main characteristics of Tech-Up fabrics, available in various finishes: ready to dye, piece-dyed, ecru, coated, rigid, monostretch or bi-stretch.

The company is unwaveringly committed to promoting sustainability, reducing the environmental impact of its activities and carefully selecting the best raw materials, traceable from their origin and furnished by suppliers that observe exacting international standards.

NTB green products were developed with an eye to environmental protection, but without neglecting performance and style, which have always been the company’s hallmarks. The approach to sustainability applies to several levels, including environmental, economic and social policies. For greater awareness and responsibility towards the environment, the company favors the use of new technologies aimed at reducing the impact of production and promotes the use of organic and recycled fibers, biodiversity and the use of fertilizers of animal and / or vegetable origin, to minimize the use of chemical treatments. In addition, the production process is closely monitored and optimized, increasing efficiency while reducing waste of materials and resources to a minimum.

The Tech-Up collection reflects the Tendenze of Milano Unica in terms of cross-pollination. A mingling of fashion, architecture and design, like the crossover between Active Life and Urban Fashion, between comfort and style, between a smart look and technical performance: practical, functional, everyday and yet sophisticated. These fabrics are absolutely perfect for a journey through Nature and the City, evoking images of freedom, carefree, open feelings and positive associations with an uninhibited, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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