This edition presents a wealth of creative ideas, thanks also to the vigorous response received from the exhibitors and the collaboration with companies, which enabled 

a fluid dialog between prototyping and sample manufacturing that was immediately reflected in the development of proposals of fabrics and accessories.

We have received numerous sustainable samples, featuring increasingly innovative research in yarns, weaves and new dyes.

It should also be noted that the seasonless concept was enthusiastically welcomed, and the diverse offering of different thicknesses and weights allowed us to create a contemporary and versatile area.





This theme privileges contrasting alternations of oriental designs and eccentric color shades with the use of shiny and matte yarns. There are also many jacquards with 3D elements ranging from micro patterns to macro patterns.

Shirting is fluid, featuring folk prints and designs.

Knits include alternating Aran, Argyle or Sherpa patterns.

Outerwear items come in wool, often very furry, sublimated by new geometries in bold hues. Velvets and chenilles are sagging and shiny.

The classics - reinterpreted based on the invitation made by the Style Committee - present an interesting development with revisited lightweight ‘30s fabrics and 1970s patchwork ties, and experiments with fabrics so thick they resemble monuments. 

Many of the selected materials feature an interesting development of geometries with regular patterns repeated in contrasting color, size or shape.

3D is an important focus of the Tendenze proposal and is represented with folk-inspired geometric alternations, long-haired materials in bold shades and unusual yarn blends.


Applications include large ruffles, drapings, velvet and satin hems, and patterns intertwined with lurex yarns on jacquard tapes.

Buttons come in varied geometries and sophisticated metal hardware, including lacquered decorations, re-worked metals, jewel effects and trims.

Zippers are combined with voile and rhinestone applications.

Fabrics and tapes, hems and patches present ethnic geometries on tapes or multicolor fringed braided cords.


In the selection dedicated to women's collections, the materials chosen have oriental inspirations and present hyper-decorative elements: lightweight, transparent, shiny fabrics with tie-inspired or folk micro patterns.

Folk applications and jewel elements play a central role in the accessories.





The color palette with the natural hues was extensively used by exhibitors in the creation of materials characterized by earth tones and greenish nuances emphasized by textural blends to enhance the 3D effects.

Jackets and outerwear items include check, striped and micro tartan designs with shaded effects that combined with solids or mélanges describe new textile "ecosystems." 

The velvets are presented in a jacquard version, corduroy or dévoré, in sandy tones and matte aspects.

Padding and quilting are exaggerated and evoke the three-dimensionality of the subsoil. 

Prints and jacquards draw on genetic mutations typical of natural resilience to describe organic animalier patterns.

The embroideries are reminiscent of proliferating structures, characterized by patterned alternations that stand out for their weights and yarns.

Shirts present plant designs, with unusual color combinations reminiscent of mushrooms and lichens.

Camouflage meets floral decorations, creating flocking and embossing details that result in abstract camouflower.

Seasonless nature features blends in all textile weights with a proposal that is extremely versatile, with a host of possible applications.


Accessories present tapes and trims mostly made of mélange wool with organic effects in embroidery and appliqués, fur trims and labels and tags made from recycled materials.


In the selection dedicated to women's collections, the materials were chosen for their lightness, transparency or embroidery, with a focus on animalier designs of natural or organic inspiration.

Matelassé with alternating shiny and matte effects, abstract marbling in jacquards and padded tubics complete the textile proposal.

As to the accessories, embroidery features floral patterns, the applications are embossed and the buttons coated.





Seasonless flexibility pushes on the presentation of "flexible" materials in unusual combinations, featuring sequins and shirting, jacquards and jersey, extra shiny and impalpable fluid fabrics.

Shirting comes with new stripes and abstract prints in glossy hues.

Outdoor materials feature dynamic three-dimensionality and ultralight padding.

Jacquard and fil coupé play on the size of the yarns, making the yarn stand out in the weave. Seersucker comes in extra lightweight versions and with knitted effects.

Knits and jersey deliver performance, comfort and ultra-soft hands and feature spatial hues and geometries.

Jersey features shiny effects, iridescence and lurex yarns that emphasize its fluid and slippery performance.

Embossing and devoré prints range between different hands and weights.


Accessories highlight striped stretch tapes customized with linear graphics. Tubulars, pipings and tassels of various types. Metallic finishes for labels and appliqués and silicone-coated zippers.

The hardware is in galvanized silver: hooks, rings, buckles, and buttons with details suitable for different combinations in line with a "flexible" aesthetic.


In the selection dedicated to women's collections, the materials were chosen for their brightness, given by the extra shiny fabrics with fluid performance.

To reinforce the concept of seasonless, wool padding and quilting come together with knits and jerseys with extra soft hands and ultrastretch performance.

Accessories feature oleographic, glossy and bold aspects.


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