Mu Seasonless, a storytelling of Milano Unica F/W 23-24 Tendenze

Themes and proposals, videos and images of the presentation event

MU SEASONLESS is the journey through Made-in-Italy with the suggestions of the Milano Unica Style Committee for the F/W 23-24 Tendenze presented on March 31, in Milan.


MU SEASONLESS stems from an accurate analysis of the global markets and a deep understanding of the emerging needs along the supply chain, identifying proposals for new creative pretexts that go beyond conventional seasonality taking on a new challenge that translates into research and experimentation with new fabric weights.
Cotton to be used also in the wintertime, lightweight wool to be worn in summer, muslin padding and multiple couplings, and colors across the seasons in a contemporary journey between climate change and the social fabric.


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MU SEASONLESS explores the three themes of the Tendenze inspired by new creative mixes: Seasonless Opulence, Seasonless Nature, and Seasonless Flexibility. 


Seasonless Opulence is inspired by the rich architectural lines of a timeless aesthetic, featuring oriental prints, the lightness of the fabrics of the 1930s, and the experiments of the macro prints of the 1970s. 
The new IntraCulture paradigm converts space-time traveling into a single dimension concept that combines past, present, and future.

Seasonless Nature is inspired by natural mutations and interaction with individuals. Creativity and natural resilience are the sources of inspiration for the decorations and the unusual compositions of organic fabrics.
This IntraNature dimension is characterized by the combination between physical and digital. Sustainability and digital technology tend to meet and have an increasingly strong impact on consumer choices, our life horizons, and our way of perceiving beauty and fairness. 


Seasonless but above all without frontiers: flexibility means fluid transition across parallel worlds, real and virtual universes, and unknown and familiar elements. Many fibers and accessories reflect this theme through refined comfort, ideal for combining urban life with the outdoors.  
IntraGender is the most current dimension, featuring gender swap, feminine and masculine crossing each other with a seamless exchange of aesthetic references that cancels genders, frees from ambiguity and opens the door to ambivalence. Genderless works by subtraction and defines neutrality, while IntraGender works by accumulation and addition, stimulating opposites to meet. 

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Milano Unica looks forward to welcoming you to the 35th edition scheduled on July 12, 13 and 14 at Rho Fiera Milano.