Milano Unica XXV edition

Milano Unica grows and anticipates market needs

Milano Unica grows and anticipates market needs while remaining true to its pioneering vocation in the trade show sector Exhibitors up by 20&, new balance between "menswear and womenswear", accessories still strong.

601 businesses will participate in Milano Unica, including the top end businesses of the Japan and Korea Observatories and those of the Origin Area; official Milano Unica exhibitors number 456 (+20% compared to September 2016).


Milan, July 11, 2017 - The President of Milano Unica, Ercole Botto Poala inaugurated the 25th edition of Milano Unica, the top notch international textiles and accessories trade show. The opening ceremony was attended by Ivan Scalfarotto, Deputy Secretary for Economic Development; Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan; Michele Scannavini, President of ICE Agency and Claudio Marenzi, President of SMI.

The President’s speech and the contributions made by the authorities underlined the importance of Milano Unica as a benchmark for the Italian trade show business, an example of entrepreneurial farsightedness which started with the unification of over 10 years ago. It was 2005 when Milano Unica started, long before the others, to play as a team.

With the anticipation of the traditional September edition to July, Milano Unica triggered another virtuous mechanism in the industry. Milano Unica starts off with double-digit growth in the number of participants for a total of 77 new exhibitors and also 5 textile designers. “This is an important and exceptional result that I am glad to underscore, testifying to the growth achieved in womenswear (+29%), bringing about an essential balance in the presence of exhibitors operating in the menswear and womenswear segments. Accessories are still strong and up +19%,” said Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica.

The decision, that in these 3 days will also be subject to feedback from clients, was validated by the participation of the representatives of the fashion world, the Italian Chamber of Fashion and SMI, at the Fashion Table, where, under the co-ordination of Italian Minister Carlo Calenda and Deputy Minister Ivan Scalfarotto, negotiations proceeded towards developing a community of purpose.

Milano Unica’s key priority has always been responding to market needs, and anticipating the international debate currently underway in the fashion industry is, in fact, an important and exacting challenge that transforms Milano Unica into the most farsighted textile exhibition in the world. Our exhibitors are ahead of others and showcase collections that are likely to be complete from this very first appointment, which has dramatically changed production timelines along the entire supply chain.

Milano Unica organizers, whom, we should keep in mind, are themselves exhibitors and entrepreneurs in the textiles and accessories segments, synchronized both on the social changes and on the macroeconomic influences that underpin market trends: from the transformation of millennials into decision makers with spending power, to the consequent exponential growth of e-commerce, which calls for speed and totally different sales timings, to the anticipated preview of the collections in the shop windows, due to a great extent to tourist shopping, the desire to always have the latest outfits, to the sellout dates for the brands that are completely overwhelmed by these dynamics, to the GDP fluctuations and the international political uncertainties.


“New entrepreneurial ideas based on tradition and technology innovation develop from the supply chain, an exclusively Italian legacy. These need to be further developed and enhanced in the future through the leverage of marketing and communication channels, opening up the dialogue that enables operators to keep up with the changes in the international scenario,” continued Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica, an expert on the traditional market and on new trends and, also, promoter of innovation, including and above all digital innovation.

For their concrete engagement and economic support Milano Unica specifically thanks the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, ICE Agency, the Municipality of Milan, Sistema Moda Italia, and Banca Sella, testifying to the collaboration between public institutions, category associations and private players.

For years, the Italian Ministry for the Economic Development, together with ICE Agency, its international operating arm, has been very close to Milano Unica and the entire fashion supply chain. Since the beginning, thanks to the support of ICE Agency, a delegation of journalists visits the Italian Textiles and Accessories Trade Show.

In addition to the most authoritative international trade press, a substantial delegation of top level clients from the US, Japan, China, Korea and Russia will attend the exhibition.



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