Discover the new trends for the upcoming season at the presentation event and on the dedicated website

Milano Unica presents MU Superpower with the new Tendenze themes for the Spring/Summer 2024 season

The MU Tendenze event opens today at Spazio Calabiana, Via Arcivescovo Calabiana 6, with a presentation by the design committee introduced by Antonella Martinetto, Milano Unica Board Member, and insights by sociologist Francesco Morace, who will analyze the themes from a social and cultural perspective.

MU Superpower reflects the desire for a return to conscious positivity, giving creativity a superpower capable of symbolically generating feelings of regeneration and comfort.
At the same time, MU Superpower is a tribute to the creative power of Made-in-Italy manufacturing to keep Italy’s image of excellence high worldwide.

Starting from creativity applied to the creation of new, higher performance, and inclusive fibers, MU Superpower proposes three themes, evoking the power of creativity as a propitiatory action to produce the energy and determination aimed at making new projects possible:

  • the power of thought
  • the power of action
  • the power of emotions

Discover the Tendenze on the dedicated website

Download the press release and sociologist Francesco Morace's contribution

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Gathered satin
Fil coupé-effect jacquard with foil detailing and quilted-effect jacquard with transparent Lurex tape
Padded tubic jacquard brocade jersey in six colours
Lightweight jacquard with uniform scalloping in Lurex
Jacquard design scuba fabric



Tie-dye motifs on Sensitive® Sculpt fabrics
Piquet jacquard
Twin beam jacquard with three-dimensional stretch weave and jacquard with macro motif
Herringbone pleats with airbrushed print
Bicolour macramé
Technical fabric with iridescent foil application and crinkle finish
Waterproof technical print fabric



Faille with Lurex yarn and technical waterproof coated stockinette stitched jersey
Flat pleats with sublimated print on iridescent trefoil base and natural stretch hopsack
Shaded checks on Riviera fabric
Knife pleating with 6-diamond pattern on shiny trefoil fabric and wet-look satin
Shiny, metallic twill weave with iridescent finish and light muslin with Lurex yarn inserts
Pleated lamé jersey
Stockinette stitch jersey interspersed with transfer stripes and double-sided ribbing