Milano Unica S/S 2021 Tendenze

The Storytelling

Tendenze S/S 2021 

Creative vision, ability to stimulate dialogue, sustainable awareness and a gaze firmly fixed on the future: Milano Unica confirms its role as a point of reference for the textile and fashion apparel industry at the presentation of the Spring/Summer 2021 Tendenze, held last October 15 at the Fabbrica Orobia in Milan. 


Starting from the proposed theme - Gen Z _ Gen future: Culture Tribe 5.0, - which focuses on the youngest and most tech-oriented generation, and continuing with the innovative restyling and presentation of the proposals and the organization of the first Italian "Creativity and Sustainability" symposium, the Tendenze event was certainly generous with news and insights for all participants who flocked to the post-industrial design spaces of the Fabbrica Orobia, transformed for the occasion into imaginative "concept stores" for customers of tomorrow's fashion.


The numerous buyers, designers, journalists and fashion students who responded to Milano Unica invitation began their journey of discovery by viewing an intense and engaging video that introduced the concepts of Gen Z _ Gen future: Culture Tribe 5.0. The themes were later analyzed in depth directly by Artistic Director Stefano Fadda. This new proposal, which  received great attention and appreciation, was meant to give participants an opportunity to deepen their experience of the visit.

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The Tendenze theme: GEN Z _ GEN FUTURE: CULTURE TRIBE 5.0

The ability of Milano Unica to look to the future with increased awareness and attention is reflected in the decision to put Generation Z aesthetics, wishes and styles at the core. 


For the S/S 2021 Tendenze, the creative work springs directly from the analysis of this very interesting social group. This is the very first native digital generation, young women and men, whose every relationship and experience is online, from study to work, from shopping to socialization, sharing trends, slang and passions. Generation Z meets and recognizes itself on the web, continuously in search of confirmation and reaffirmation of a common sense of belonging, like a real tribe. Therefore, with its proposals, Tendenze has imagined ideal encounters between Generation Z and other types of tribes, mixing different places, musical genres and tribal iconographies. A constant dialogue between technology and future orientation on the one hand and ancestral traditions on the other, through visions of distant worlds and always unexpected and stimulating associations and combinations.


Another novelty for the proposed theme and relevant analysis is the intention to use finished garments as "neutral" bases on which to apply prototypes of fabrics and accessories, transforming each exhibition area into a real concept store. 

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The themes of S/S 2021 Tendenze


Tropical Rave in Mexico City

A clearly tropical-inspired setting is the backdrop for the presentation of this theme that mixes the aesthetics of traditional Mexican rituals with the style and music of rave parties. Nature plays a crucial role here, with its lushness, richness of detail and predominance of strong and impactful colors. Abstract and kaleidoscopic prints merge with pictorial aspects and create overlaps with fabrics, textures and fringes, recalling the "Día de los muertos" festivity. Materials are rigorously three-dimensional, with 3D textures and shiny and iridescent effects. Accessories are rich and excessive, always ironic, and the tones are rigorously acid and fluo with more natural camel and ecru brushes. 

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Indian Chill Out in L.A. 

Exotic atmospheres on a typical Californian beach resulting in a synthesis of Indian spiritual rigor and the liberating energy of surfing. The dominant concepts are comfort, style and life aesthetics, but also hedonism, sophistication and vegan philosophy. Fabrics feature soft-hand extra-light aspects and the decorations present stripes, waves and natural elements. Accessories are very important, clearly inspired by India, with friezes and finely decorated metal elements. The dominant colors are those of the sea and nature: from powder blue to ocean blue, from apricot pink to copper green, from sunflower yellow to metallic copper.

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British Clubbing in Papua

In a tropical forest of ferns and bamboo, British tailoring meets traditional Papuan craftsmanship. The keywords are hybridization and research: the most refined and high-tech design combines with raw fabrics and tribal effects. The most traditional fabrics, such as tweed, houndstooth and Glen check are transformed with reflective, heat-sealed tribal design personalizations. Prints feature feathers and leaves; lace and embroidery are inspired by the elements of nature, accessories are voluminous, with braided ribbons and a mix of different materials. The color palette is dominated by cold grey, green, in slate and lichen shades, fire red and blue.

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 “Can Creativity Be Sustainable?” – the Symposium

For the first time, on the occasion of the presentation of the Tendenze, Milano Unica debuted with a moment of analysis on the relationship between creativity and sustainability. The initiative stems from the need to share ideas and perspectives with the participation of a broad and interdisciplinary panel. Creativity and the ability to interpret the future cannot derogate from ethics, strongly hinged on sustainability. This approach must necessarily involve not only designers and companies, but the entire business-related and media-related system revolving around the world of fashion.  


A panel of top-level speakers in the various fields of fashion, economy and culture discussed the challenges and opportunities for the future. Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica , CEO of Reda 1865 and Vice President of Manifestazioni Fieristiche SMI, opened the Symposium and presented the topics of analysis: the role of young people in the development of sustainable creativity and the need to identify virtuous models and interpretation keys for the future that will combine sustainability with economic development. 


Emanuele Farneti, Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue, moderated the discussion. The speakers were Claudia D’Arpizio, consultant and Partner Bain & Company, Luxury Goods & Fashion; Giusi Ferré, fashion journalist; Luca Sburlati, CEO of Pattern SPA, a pioneering company in experimentation with sustainability-oriented processes; and Rankin, internationally renowned photographer and cultural provocateur, co-founder of Dazed & Confused and founder of Hunger. 


The Symposium and the presentation of Tendenze ended with a dynamic DJ set by Saturnino.

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The full videos of the speeches presented by the participating speakers are available on Milano Unica YouTube channel.


The 30th edition of Milano Unica, scheduled on February 4, 5 and 6, 2020, will offer an opportunity to discover the proposals of fabrics and accessories that exhibitor companies will develop on the basis of the S/S 2021 Tendenze - Gen Z _ Gen future: Culture Tribe 5.0.