Milano Unica’s commitment to sustainability

The products and the exhibitors

The area dedicated to certified sustainable textiles and accessories proved very successful among exhibitors. 


Participation exceeded expectations with a total of 53 businesses present and approximately 250 samples sent. This makes for 13% of the total number of Milano Unica exhibitors and the margin for growth in the future is definitely encouraging.


Download the list of participating exhibitors, product and category certifications


Producers presented textiles and accessories certified in terms of raw materials or processes, but it is important to note that the majority of the businesses presented proposals integrating both elements, testifying to the level of maturity reached in their approach to sustainability.  

With reference to the certifications obtained by exhibitors, the most common are GOTS and OEKO-TEX, followed by the DETOX protocol promoted by Greenpeace. 




The certifications are indicated in the tags attached to each single product on display in the sustainability area, together with the indication of the corresponding category:  
- organic
- bio-based synthetic fibers
- regenerated or recycled material
- other low-impact materials 
- cruelty free
- responsibly managed forests
- safe chemicals
- waterproof PFC Free
. sustainable management system. 




The area is intended to highlight producers’ commitment to sustainability and the results obtained, serving as an inspiration for all exhibitors to proceed in this direction.  


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