Milano Unica Re-Touch

The digital event for the S/S 2022 Tendenze

MILANO UNICA is pleased to invite you to the digital edition of RE-TOUCH to present the new Spring/Summer 2022 Tendenze. 


With a tribute to the sense of touch, as a primordial source of empirical knowledge, MILANO UNICA RE-TOUCH offers suggestive narratives on the palpability of fabrics and materials with evocative images and emotional videos of weft and warp weaves, yarn gauge and weight, trims and selvedges.    


MILANO UNICA RE-TOUCH summarizes all the most important themes of contemporary industrial manufacturing, like re-use, re-cycle, re-processing, and re-digitalization, prioritizing the important needs of textile and accessories manufacturers while confirming the intrinsic value of sustainability.  


The new web site will go online at 10 a.m. on November 19th. 


Users can access the home page illustrating the theme through its inspiring principles and navigate through the sections dedicated to the three orientations of MILANO UNICA RE-TOUCH, in an immersive experience of inspiration, which has always characterized our events. 


Download the invitation and the Press Release