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MILANO UNICA the upcoming tendenze goes beyond the traditional periods of spring/summer and autumn/winter and suggests a new concept of "seasonless", transcending seasonality when it comes to the new proposals of fabrics and accessories.


The idea of MU SEASONLESS stems from the analysis of the global context of constantly growing and more and more complex markets that must simultaneously respond to the inputs and demands of buyers from all over the world. 


MILANO UNICA is therefore ready to start a long journey through Made-in-Italy, going beyond conventional seasonality in the use of wool, cotton, linen, muslin, satin, velvet, and ribbons.
This is a new challenge for the producers of fabrics and accessories, who are called upon to explore new solutions by researching the potential of the fibers, experimenting with the various weights of cotton to be used also in the winter time, muslin padding, multiple couplings, or the lightweight tropical wool that is cool enough to be worn in the summer.


The MU SEASONLESS proposal includes the possibility of mixing fibers, fabrics, weights, accessories and colors, transcending conventions that have always linked certain colors and types of fabrics to specific seasons.


"If we analyze what we see in the streets of international cities, it is not difficult to understand how, in particular, the new generations are completely detached from the concept of winter pants, summer jacket and mid-season coat. For instance, T-shirts have become the iconic symbol of "seasonless" apparel, as everybody can wear a T-shirt regardless of the season and occasion. Climate change and, above all, different needs contribute to an increasingly globally interconnected market, where “seasonless” becomes key to responding to concrete needs on a global level," said Stefano Fadda, Milano Unica artistic director.


Therefore, the Milano Unica journey through the excellence of Italian manufacturing inspires a new creative mix developing three trends: 
Seasonless Opulence, Seasonless Nature and Seasonless Flexibility.


Monuments, sculptures, traditions and rituals contribute to inspiring an opulent aesthetic that is at once folk, enriching, universal and timeless. The journey presents ideas taken from  oriental prints, explores the lightness of the fabrics of the '30s, delves into the tie patchwork of the '70s and continues with the experimentation in ultra-thick fabrics that evoke imposing monuments. Accessories express opulence through the jewel closures featured in different colors and folk applications.



Not just a simple contact with nature but a deep reconnection with it. It is the natural world with its powerful creativity that is inspiring new forms of resilience. This theme includes the natural mutations, the proliferating vegetation with all of its new forms, season-free, inspiring decorations, and, above all, unusual mixes of fabrics, where wefts and warps incorporate molds, fungi, and various types of organic material. Accessories are coupled with floral embroideries, embossed applications and buttons with an organic look.


Seasonless but above all without frontiers: flexibility means fluid transition across parallel worlds, real and virtual universes, and unknown and familiar elements. Many fibers and accessories reflect this theme through refined comfort, ideal for combining urban life with the outdoors. From technical fabrics to fine stretch wool, from twisted cotton to extra-light padding. Accessories feature techno fasteners borrowed from the world of sports, padded stripes and iridescent 3D hologram effects. 



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