Milano Unica and fashion

The holistic approch

Milano Unica and the holistic approch to fashion: from trends to young generations, services and other events devoide of jet set but rich in soul. 


Milan, July 11, 2017. The anticipation of the September appointment to July with new and prominent exhibitors operating in the womenswear segment (+ 29%) confirmed the determination of the organizers in completing the exhibition with the integration of several services, events and special areas that enrich the visit to the Trade Show with a holistic approach, where fashion is considered as an aggregate. Upstream and downstream, tradition and future, expertise and training, art and artisanal workmanship, celebration and soul, hospitality and wine and food culture. Milano Unica and its Special Areas: Origin Passion and Beliefs, Japan Observatory and Korea Observatory.

In this context, attention to trends is crucial. In fact, trends have acquired an increasingly “fashion-oriented” approach over the years, serving as a true leitmotif between upstream and downstream businesses. The area dedicated to the collections of textiles and accessories produced based on the F/W 2018-19 suggestions represents, once again, an excellent visual guide to the designer collections. The trends and the dedicated Area were developed by Stefano Fadda and the Milano Unica Style Committee.

The initiatives dedicated to young talents, including The Fabric Program, organized in collaboration with CFDA and dedicated to emerging young talents, raised entrepreneurs’ interest towards the new generations. “It is key to create knowledge and awareness among future professionals and it is our duty to promote our values and the technicity of our products among youth,” said Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica.

The evening event is another flagship of the trade show, completing the framework. Since the onset, the organizers were well aware of the bond between good taste, textile art and the territory and, therefore, the need to contextualize the textile industry in its Italian and European cultural foundation. The art of the Renaissance, for instance, stems from the talent embedded in the Italian national heritage and developed, in turn, in the service of beauty, which has always been a typical characteristic of Italy. ON Tour is inspired by this concept: The dialogue between “made in Italy” and the world. The Campania Region and its “Capri Style” at Milano Unica. The Milano Unica ON Tour event deserves a special space, as it will be dedicated to Italian creativity, textiles know-how, good taste and sartorial style: the origins, the roots are in the soil, they come from the people, they are in the air. Milano Unica presents an Italy that is famous worldwide, beloved by many, through a new experience and new flavors, all to be tasted. This event will give a boost of energy to the XXV edition, the one of the new: “O’ sole mio” summer fashion, the colors and fragrances of the Campania region, its people and their spirit

The fashion services
Trend Area: The visual and tactile guide to the season’s suggestions and information. A rich setting with essential contents: textiles and accessories productions in the season’s themes. Infostile: The space dedicated to trends updates. Models and trend books in a space devoted to innovative creations for the fashion system. Trade Press: The area dedicated to the international textile and fashion press. The most outstanding trade magazines and their editorial products always at Milano Unica. Video Area: Cinema as magic and especially as the art of aesthetic and contemplative reflection is the source of inspiration for the four trends that Milano Unica has identified for FallWinter 2018/2019. The Area Disegnatori tessili: New at MU: a space dedicated to the most prominent textile designers. Real artists that support with their innovative spirit the fashion system in its constant search of beauty. Vintage Area: The research area dedicated to a historical and cultural asset. It showcases outstanding outfits, accessories, bijoux and other vanity complements.


The special Areas
JOB: Japan Observatory
The area organized by JFW & JETRO and dedicated to the top-end Japanese productions. Premium-quality fabrics by 40 exhibitors; the product of unprecedented innovation and the spirit of craftsmanship.

KOB: Korea Observatory
The area of the top-end Korean productions. Organized by Kotra, the area showcases 19 selected companies that guarantee the high quality of the offer.

Origin Passion and Beliefs
ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS, the show organized by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP will feature the debut of Opportunity Lounge (hall 8, stand OPB 402), an area specifically for debates, workshops and talks on themes linked to Italian manufacturing. Guests will include Confartigianato Imprese, CNA Federmoda and 5 of the most famous designers acting at OPB as ambassadors for "Made in Italy" around the world: Bruno Simeone (Rossorame), Mario Costantino Triolo, Nicolò Beretta (Giannico), Jessica De Cata and Arnoldo Battois.

ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS is the Italian fashion manufacturing Show, designed to bring into contact the quality skills of the Italian production chain and the decision makers - those in charge of product, production and style - of international, high range and luxury fashion brands. The Show represents "Made in Italy"'s number one integrated offer platform for the highest level of manufacture at the service of the fashion supply chain within the 4 thematic areas: textile, leather, stone, technology.

The young generations
comON: Now is hybrid: Hybridism is a new way to watch. ComON presents a new scientific lab where fabrics and patterns take shape through the lense of creative design. Polimi: The Fashion Design School students of Politecnico di Milano, interpret new materials and new technologies in collaboration with some mills: Candiani  Denim, Eurojersey, Fait Plast, FTR, Limonta, and host Biblioteca Tremelloni.

The areas dedicated to taste
Three Made-in- Italy Food isles, manned by the three-starred chef "Da Vittorio", are made available to clients who access the Trade Show, the only one that offers high level complementary catering, because hospitality makes the difference at Milano Unica. 



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