Light, quality and sustainable

The well-established partnership with Lauretana has been confirmed also for the 39th edition of Milano Unica. Europe's lightest water is the official water of Milano Unica, contributing to quality, innovation and a strong dedication to the principles of sustainable development.


Lauretana has long been committed to mitigating the social, economic and environmental impacts it generates through the performance of its activities. This is possible thanks to strict quality control and compliance with sustainability policies throughout the supply chain. Lauretana considers sustainable development not only as an obligation but an opportunity for economic growth, contributing to the strengthening of the company and people’s well-being, while fully meeting customer and stakeholder expectations.


Lauretana's commitment is also visible in the support provided to its customers and suppliers in achieving their sustainability goals, thus creating a virtuous circle of best practices and transparently demonstrating the quality of its actions. 


Dedication to sustainability is confirmed by the ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 and 4500 certified quality management system. In addition, Lauretana was awarded the Platinum Medal by Ecovadis, an independent entity that assesses the impact of companies in terms of sustainability.  


Lauretana will be present at Milano Unica with two distribution points in Halls 1 and 4.